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Mercenary for hire here. Looking to complete raid

Hello looking to beat M-rex. Here is my team. I haven’t applied boosts yet but have enough to dump 30 into a Dino

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looking to beat m rex as well, ill send you a friend request if you wanna try

If we can find four of the right dinos

I’d be glad to help in any way I can! I’ve got a Touramoloch (21) & Thor (25) & dentimax (23) with a few other things

is the tuoramoloch boosted?

I didn’t boost anyone yet.

Not currently but I can boost him if you think we have a shot

I have some people in my alliance that could help

What do you have that would help?

I have a heavily boosted Rex that can be our chomper, send me a friend request in game (UnicornWizard #9570)

The problem with rex is he doesn’t have an a group attack…

Some in my alliance have 28-30 dinos

Rex probably needs to be level 30

We don’t need raw damage here we need distraction healing and group attacks do you have other high level dinos?

Hi! I have a boosted dioraja (29) waiting to tank and taunt for deinocheirus or tenoto rex. Friend request me DrPraktik#0198.

my rex is level 30 and boosted to the brim

Might work