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Not sure where to post this so I’ll do it here. I’m simply looking to merge my 11 or welcoming new members we are strong 10 of us lvl 20

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Which game are you in? Warriors of Waterdeep of Jurassic World Alive?

I think jwa and he’s talking about alliances


We have room for some of you.

@Carl_Stevens join this server, I doubt you would be able to find a strong alliance with 10 spaces but I am a part of a sanc co-op with 8 strong alliances, combined we have the 10 spaces.

To give you an idea of the alliances, mine is currently at place 120 in the tournament

Hey @Carl_Stevens, I believe this would be a fantastic idea for us to work together. I will PM you privately so we can discuss details and coordination.

Hi we are looking for 11 strong players just look for us our alliance is Lost Legion

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Yo wassup were an alliance looking for more active members

We have a discord and usually get far in tournaments. Our best players have left (not all) and our goal is to have all since players and everyone gets good donations. Rn were on the grind for high level sanctuary rn were so level 7 so join us

We have 34 members do you all would fit!

Hi Carl! My name is Ken and I assist with recruitment for the mmmnoodlesoup alliance. We are a top 50 alliance. I sent you a dm as well. Please reach out to me on discord. My profile is Chemman2012-Ken#3957. Looking forward to catching up.

I had no idea I had so many replys