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Merger request

Our guild, The Prancing Pony, is looking for a merger. We were formerly a top 10 guild, but many players have permanently left the game in the last few months. We currently have 25 active players and still earn full rewards in all Rallies and Raids. If your guild is interested and has less than 25 players willing to merge with us, let me know.

Sent you a message.

I’m asking the guild if they’re willing to move. I will let you know soon. What is your guild name?

Merge with Undermountain! We’ve been discussing a merger with another guild for some time now and would be happy to include you. We have just under 30 active players but still manage to complete all the guild raids in a couple of days. Everyone is very helpful and donates.

The Prancing Pony wants to accept an incoming merger. We all have a soft-spot for our guild name and its former glory. We have 25 open spots as of now. Reply if your guild is interested.

Let me just throw it out there… Every single person that cares enough about the game to post a merger request in the “official forum” is looking to absorb another guild into theirs - not dissolve the guild that they’ve spent months if not years developing.

I’ve seen about 5-6 merger requests over the last month, and they’re all hoping to scoop up folks from totally inactive guilds.

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Probably because you lose all your raid keys when you leave a guild, which is stupid.

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As Knotaguru mentioned. Undermountain is looking to merge however with the participation and numbers it would be easier to absorb a guild into ours. We would be willing to cover the participation while the new members replenish their keys. We currently have 20 open spots so maybe some wiggle room on a couple more spots depending on our guilds current participation. I dont post here actively so I apologize ahead of time. If any members of Prancing Pony use the WoW public group on the “book of faces” thats a better way to communicate in realtime.

In reviewing The Prancing Pony in the current guild standings it would make more sense for you guys to merge with us. We will have 21 spots open after the raid. If you can trim 4 we can begin the merge right away. :slightly_smiling_face:

I posted in the FB WOW group for faster communication however the info here is more upnto date. Any members of The Prancing Pony who wish to reach me, FB is much faster. Thanks!

I hear you. Our guild has voted to stay Prancing Pony, but we’ll see how they feel after this Raid. This might be the 1st time we don’t reach the Silverhand reward.

So the players wants guild mergers because of rapidly dropping participation from previously active members.

However the developers don’t even incentivise guild merging or provide an effective system to do this. Meaning remaining semi active guilds are not willing to take the risk of merging as they lose keys and identity. So this means an even slower and more painful death of the heart of the game and the playerbase.