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Merry Christmas to all! (An article)

No wonder you have so many hobbies. Working the dish pit is such a demanding and stressful job.

Yeah I would like to see this fish also!

Here’s the link. All of the photos are ones either taken by myself or my little brother.

The one with the paddlefish is me holding it up, out of shot. The one where I’m holding the shark is the one you were thinking of. I have another pic of me holding the paddlefish, but it wasn’t added to the post. I won the beer bet that day. My brother and brother in law weren’t happy about having to help pull that thing up over the edge of the pier, as the shark had already stripped out the gears in my reel.

I’m just here to see the paddlefish.

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Merry Fishmas!


Things quieted down fast after that… :joy:

It must have been your striking resemblance to Dr. Grant.

We we’re all shocked by it into silence.

I really don’t think I look anything like Sam Neill, but oh-kayyyy…

It’s crazy I thought you were the same guy!

@CleverBoy there’s no place for your negativity here. The guy is just trying to have fun, catch fish and educate the world with his palaeontology knowledge.

Ps I still want you to hook me up with that date with Chris Pratt

Okay. Here’s the deal. I’ve called a truce, but one person (or more, I haven’t really verified it yet) can’t seem to lose whatever grudge he/she/(it?) has.

This was a holiday thread, and I fully intend to keep it that way.

and heather finally admits she’s been catfishing us as the actual chris pratt this whole time :roll_eyes:

You tell him, @Heather!

So happy holidays, merry Christmas, joyeux Noel, Feliz navidad. Even though you’re dedicated to trolling and derailing this thread, I still have the moral high ground.

Like I said, Merry Christmas.

We all just need to get along. :slight_smile:
Try and enjoy life.

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