Mess ups and silly mistakes in JWA

Here’s mine, PVP. I always know flocks show up pretty commonly now starting SS Arcadia (arena I’m still in) and even if I have 2 resilient creatures, they still are barely selected as my battle roster.
Oh yeah also saying "hey, rinchenia is here, no more region exclusive-ness for about a week or so, I’ll do it later…’ Never did it lol, but hey at least I’m getting it soon while traveling.
Ok a few more, always keep doing PVP matches even if I lost and knowing that I’ll lose again (My trophies was lowered so much cause of that)
And ahem, last but not least, drumroll spending my time leveling a common creature for a rare hybrid to make a super hybrid and wasting my coins while doing that (I could’ve make a few epic hybrids already). I messed up because even when I had leveled up my common all the way, I had no DNA of the other part of the rare hybrid nor the epic hybrid.

Call my mistakes stupid but eh, mistakes are supposed kinda stupid.

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