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Message and Inbox glitches?

Since the new update I’ve had a constant glitch on my inbox saying I have 2 messages but upon clicking there is none there?

I’ve also had glitches in messages, I’ll press a response and it won’t show up so I have to go out of the chat and back in to make it work? I’ve also had a complete repeated chat sequence with both Emmalyn and Tiros.

have had some of that too. so far only had to repeat some of one chat tho but did get gems to make up for it. no big loss,just a bit awkward repeating some of a conversation.

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@TheKity I know what you mean! I’m actually really invested in the Emmalyn shelter story though and got super excited thinking there was an update and it was just a repeated conversation :weary::joy:

aww thats a shame,at least it was only part of story re-done not the whole thing. just really awkward having to re-select responses& stuff.