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Message for the pirates of "The Dracoceratops" and for Ludia

This message is written at the same time to be read by members of the “Los Dracoceratops” and Ludia alliance.

We, “Tyrant Spain”, are an alliance that we try to have fun with this game, always within the rules. We are a good alliance that we try to organize donations and, above all, our fortnightly sanctuary. It costs us a lot of organization to maximize this sanctuary. We must vote to see what creatures will be placed in the sanctuary and in what order, organize who will put creatures and who will not. A lot of effort for a band of PIRATES to destroy all the effort made. Yes, I refer to you “Dracoceratops” (you could not have chosen a better name, that of the worst sabandija that has played this game and hated by everyone). You managed to enter our sanctuary, I imagine by chance, because one of your members passed near the sanctuary and since that day you have done nothing but sabotage us by putting your dinosaurs at the least opportunity and, what is worse, then not interact with them. You have to be very sick, to be aware of the departure of a dinosaur from an alien sanctuary to quickly place a dinosaur of yours.
For 8 days our sanctuary has only received your attacks to place your dinosaur trash. Since then we try to stand guard to receive your attacks and be alert to the exit to be able to put our dinosaurs but we do not always get it. There you are like scavenging vultures to annoy us. Really, what a sad existence to live to sabotage others in a game and also without knowing each other.
What do you get with that apart from bothering us? Really, I do not understand. I could understand it minimally if you then interacted with them but you don’t. So why do you do it? for 5 pigs DNA? but it is the same DNA in any low sanctuary.
On Tuesday the nightmare ends and the new sanctuary will already be in charge of someone from our alliance to place it in the most remote site of the Spanish geography so that your pirate ships cannot find it. And calm, as the Spanish saying “arrieros we are and on the way we will meet”.

and now for Ludia. Please try that this cannot happen. Why do we want to have our sanctuaries open? so that we want to have thousands of sanctuaries on the map if we then try to have few in each alliance

For us the damage is already irreparable but hopefully what we have suffered should not be suffered by anyone else.

Este mensaje está escrito a la vez para que lo lean miembros de la alianza “Los Dracoceratops” y Ludia.

Nosotros, “Tyrant Spain”, somos una alianza que intentamos divertirnos con este juego, siempre dentro de las normas. Somos una buena alianza que intentamos organizar al máximo las donaciones y , sobre todo, nuestro santuario quincenal. Nos cuesta mucha organización subir al máximo este santuario. Debemos hacer votaciones para ver que criaturas se iran poniendo en el santuario y en que orden, organizar quien meterá criaturas y quien no. Mucho esfuerzo para que venga una banda de PIRATAS a destrozar todo el esfuerzo realizado. Si, me refiero a vosotros “Dracoceratops” (no podiais haber escogido mejor nombre, el de la peor sabandija que ha polado este juego y odiado por todos). Conseguisteis entrar en nuestro santuario imagino por casualidad, porque uno de vuestros miembros pasó cerca del santuario y desde ese día no habéis hecho otra cosa que sabotearnos poniendo vuestros dinosaurios a la menos oportunidad y , lo que es peor, para luego no interaccionar con ellos. Se ha de ser muy enfermo, para estar pendiente de la salida de un dinosaurio de un santuario ajeno para , rápidamente, colocar un dinosaurio vuestro.
Desde hace 8 días nuestro santuario no hace más que recibir vuestros ataques para colocar vuestra basura de dinosaurios. Desde entonces intentamos montar guardia para recibir vuestros ataques y estar atentos a la salida para poder meter nuestros dinosaurios pero no siempre lo conseguimis. Ahí estáis vosotros como buitres carroñeros pendientes para fastidiarnos. De verdad , que existencia más triste vivir para sabotear a otros en un juego y además sin conoernos.
¿Que conseguís con eso aparte de molestarnos? De verdad, no lo entiendo. Podría entenderlo mínimamente si luego interactuarais con ellos pero no lo hacéis. Entonces porque lo hacéis? por 5 cochinos ADN ? pero si es el mismo ADN en cualquier santuario bajo.
El martes acaba la pesadilla y el nuevo santuario ya se encargará alguien de nuestro alianza de colocarlo en el sitio más remoto de la geografía española para que vuestras naves piratas no consigan encontrarlo. Y tranquilos, como dice el refrán español “arrieros somos y en el camino nos encontraremos”.

y Ahora para Ludia. Por favor, intenta que esto no pueda ocurrir. Para que queremos tener nuestros santuarios abiertos ? para que queremos tener en el mapa miles de sanctuaries si luego debemos intentar tener pocos en cada alianza?

Para nosotros el daño ya es irreparable pero esperemos que lo que nosotros hemos padecido no deba padecerlo nadie mas.


Although we don’t run into this problem much where I am at, I agree with this poster.

A player dropping a dinosaur into a sanctuary with no intentions to interact with it locks other players out that want to help progress the sanctuary. This is especially bad if the “alien” dinosaur is one that nobody wants to spend their valuable interaction tokens on.

I’m not sure what the best method is to prevent this. You could lock a sanctuary to an alliance once a member from the alliance places a dinosaur in it. But in areas where sanctuaries are spread further apart may create a problem. Another solution might be creating an instance of the sanctuary so that once an alliance member places a dinosaur in the sanctuary other members of the alliance would be able to use it and develop it, but to anybody not in the alliance the sanctuary is available. I.e. 4 different alliances could be in the same sanctuary location but none of them would affect each other because they would each have their own instance of the sanctuary. With instancing maybe you could set your instance to public (meaning anybody, alliance or non-alliance, can get into it) or private (meaning only alliance members can get into it).

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@Ludia_Developers, listen up please. This is an issue that JWA players have been reporting for a long time. Please, allow sanctuaries to be locked by alliance if the first person placing a creature in makes that choice. You could set a toggle bar to make the sanctuary “open” to anyone or locked by “alliance”.

Some alliances work really hard to level up sanctuaries fast. We level up epic creatures beyond their ingredient level and waste boosts on them, all to get a few more SP points to level up our sanctuary. Usually one or two people have to manage and supervise 50 people to get organised when and what to place in the sanctuary. We first level it up sacrificing DNA gains to get better returns later on.

It costs boosts, valuable DNA, time and a lot of patience…but the system allows anyone around (hackers using fake-GPS tools included) to ruin all that effort in a second. Alliances have no way to prevent that. Once invaded, you stay invaded. It’s like a parasite or some neglected disease with no drug or treatment. Please, Ludia…give us a way.


Why dont they just add the ability to create an alliance only private sanctuary?

Could even add an option to whitelist other alliances for sharing purposes if need be.

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I wish this was possible, but people on this forum would say “that’s not how it works!!! tough it out, it’s how you’re supposed to play!! :)”

Thats nonsense though… sanctuaries by designed require a cordinated effort by an alliance or alliances. If it wasnt such an effort to level sanctuaries… maybe then their could be a legitimate arguement.

But honestly people shouldnt even be able to reap the benefit of a sanctuary leveled up by another group. Let alone troll them.

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“You managed to enter our sanctuary, … since that day you have done nothing but sabotage us by putting your dinosaurs at the least opportunity… For 8 days our sanctuary has only received your attacks to place your dinosaur trash.”

This exact thing has happened to us by some spoofing cheater. Would be nice if Ludia did something about it. I like the option of locking sanctuaries.

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Thanks to those who sympathized with us.

Yesterday we were about to recover our sanctuary, there was only one intruder left but, unfortunately, we weren’t fast enough.

Luckily, the sanctuary dies in two days. Now we must see where to create the new one. On top of a mountain? At the most remote point of a forest? In an abandoned town? Ludia, do you think it’s normal to have to do this?

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Outside of something like this, the problem is that sanctuaries are designed to be public so anyone can use them. Restricting that would be a unfair but I can sympathize about the situation.

Perhaps each Alliance should have a private “virtual” sanctuary for them alone but where each player could only put one creature in?

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in fact i suggested to remove sanctuaries from map system.

just make them virtual only. in map they only make a mess with other items.

place them in a tab like alliance and something for solo too, but working with map has not much sense.

Sadly our alliance has suffered the same fate with some of our sanctuaries as well, we have had 2 or 3 particular people crash the party week after week and its getting rather tiresome to see them come barn storming in the front door like a gang of party crasher’s all the time !
@Ludia_Developers we need your assistance to fix this major problem alliances have with players doing this all the time… so basically we are asking you for your HELP in this matter please ???
kind regards
2IC / vice president
RampagingBirds alliance :thinking: :grinning: :thinking:

I of course understand your point of view since we try to manage properly sanctuaries too in our Alliance (Ingen, another Spanish speaking alliance).

However sanctuaries are open for all users of the game and if you and your alliance lock 1/2/3 or whatever sanctuaries in the same area you are not allowing other players of the surroundings interact with them.

Nevertheless, this is a game, to have fun. Don’t forget it.

It is evident that the “pirates” are not doing anything “illegal”, they are only using in the worst possible way what Ludia has created, in my opinion, without thinking too much about the way in which it should be used.

What is the use of having thousands and thousands of santuaries occupying space on the map if afterwards the best way to use sanctuaries is to create few for each Alliance? In my case I have never occupied a sanctuary because I only use those shared by my alliance and 99% of the sanctuaries I visit out of curiosity when I walk, they are empty. That is, a 50-member alliance will only use, at most, 10 or 12 Sanctuaries every 2 weeks. One or two to upload them and the rest “garbage sanctuaries” to deposit in them creatures with which not to interact.

For me, the solution is very easy.

  1. Sanctuaries that occupy space on the map must cease to exist.

  2. Each user can create a maximum of a single sanctuary that he shares with his alliance, if he has one. That user is the “owner” of the sanctuary.

  3. That user, as “owner” of the sanctuary, can invite a member of another alliance to share the sanctuary, giving two options: Members of the other alliance can only interact / members of the other alliance can interact and put creatures .

With this simple solution we have many gains:

  1. The pirates cease to exist.

  2. Sanctuaries cease to occupy space on the map.

  3. We will no longer have problems with the dinos that are behind a sanctuary and are difficult to catch.

  4. Cooperation between sanctuaries is much easier because it is no longer mandatory for two members to live in the same area.

Independently to the sanctuaries, Ludia could create another “space” of the “meeting place” style that could exist on the map so that users who were there would gain some small advantage. There should be few to avoid wasting space and the advantage is not too great not to harm the users of unpopulated areas.

Hi Pirulass,

Of course it is a game but precisely because it is a game it should be fun and these 10 days have been hell for alliance members. I don’t take it so hard anymore. For many months now I have less fun playing the game every day. Every day I am about to quit, but it hurts to leave the game with a lot of unique at 30 and DNA to give, sell and give away. But other members of the alliance are dedicating many hours of their lives to setting up a sanctuary, organizing it and trying to make it useful to all members of the alliance and it is not fair that pirates destroy all this effort.

People are increasingly unmotivated with the game, we regularly have people who leave the game tired of all the things that are warned to Ludia in this forum and who never pay attention (luckily, one of them, that of rats has been partially solved).

For most, the only thing that makes them not leave the game is the good vibes of the Alliance. And these days the good vibes became stress. A while ago we had half alliance activated to try to avoid further sabotage and it was not possible, the pirates were faster and discouraged spread. Ludia should solve this (and so many other things) if she doesn’t want to keep losing users.

You can’t max out a sanctuary without planning and a coordinated effort. When Ludia designed this feature, they had to do the math and realize the work, coordination and planning needed.

I blame Ludia for not thinking this through, how did development not see this as a potential problem with publicly open sanctuaries?

Ludia needs to develop the solution to this issue.

Either make it far easier to max and maintain a sanctuary, or develop a way to keep it within one…ONE alliance. The latter solution may not be amenable to many alliances with maxxed sanctuaries. It usually requires multiple alliances to max a sanctuary.

I’m not sure how you could close it, yet share among other alliances.

Be careful what you ask of Ludia!

This is what my alliance does with a few others in a shared alliance. Find a location which is completely out of nowhere, start the sanc there. Slot quickly at all times.

Ludia has to.fix the problem of random yahoos slotting in high lvl sancs. Maybe after level 10, the sanc is no longer public and only can be slotted by the alliances which are in the sanc.

It shouldn’t be an issue if one alliance can only block one sanctuary for theirselves. Or as others suggested, let an alliance leader create a “virtual alliance sanctuary” that doesn’t exist on the map, but only at the alliance interface. Easy peasy.

One solution is that Ludia implements an automatic timer when a spot opens. The alliance that created the sanctuary has for instance 5 minutes privilege to add their dino on the free spot. When the timer goes off then the spot is free for anyone to add.

5 minutes would be to go from maximum stress to moderate stress and I don’t think it’s necessary. For me it is easier, there is no problem that someone interacts in a sanctuary of an alliance but it must be forbidden to put creatures in it.

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I feel for you, and hope that you can manage to get them out asap. Our alliance also got raided by lowly level 8 iguanadons and other crappy commons for several months. I really hope ludia finds a way to fix this problem so that you can have locked sanctuaries and open them only to specific players and alliances of choice