Message Review and Validation in Aliance Chat

I have noticed my messages in Alliance Chat are now being “reviewed and validated.” By the time they are reviewed, the topic of my posts is obsolete.

Are other players having their messages scrutinized like this?

@ned, @jon,

I do not chat much in the alliance window and i am not sure why this is occurring. I rarely post in alliance chat [i save my prattle for here] and only do so in response to newbie questions. This filtering seems unnecessary and 2 hours to review messages is ludicrous. Can someone message me and let me know why my alliance chat messages are being filtered or what i can do to have the filter removed or the pace of review escalated.

Hey Orloch, I’m sorry that your message got caught up in the filter.

Could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at with your support key and that screenshot so our team can take a closer look at this, and hopefully to speed up the process?


Thanks Ned. Your efforts are appreciated.
Unfortunately support no longer responds to my concerns.

There is a screenshot above with my account name. Perhaps someone from the developer will see this and compel support to respond. This messing with my account has become perverse.

Thanks Ned. You have been very helpful. The filtering has finally been corrected.

Hopefully they have reset the challenge room difficulty setting for me as well. The impossible foes I was matched against was ridiculous.

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Glad to hear it’s fixed now. :smiley:

I chat a lot in guild chat. We’re relatively active in chat in my guild.

I see the validation message every so often the past couple of mmonths. Hasn’t been overly frequent for me. Happens for the obvious reason with questionable words like bull**** or sh**. Fair enough. It happened once when I tried to make a joke about a gofund** account for something.

Other times I have no idea why it gets flagged for validation. And yes, most of the time the post appears later. Can’t say it’s usually 2 hours. I usually retype the post and then the validated one appears a few minutes later.

The guild I am in is a fantastic guild comprised of 5-10 very experienced players and a number of intermediate and beginner players. There is no verboten discussion or questionable language.

It seems a Ludian does not approve of my comments in the forums and has decided to amuse themselves by toggling my account and sending me absurd messages through in-game help and support. It is always a chore to get things reset, often requiring third party intervention. I suspect this was more of the same.

However, I am glad it was quickly resolved.

Cool. Hope your issues are fixed @Orloch and don’t reappear.

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The message validation bug has returned again. The filters for this do not work. Typical Ludian engineering.

The verification filter utilized by the developer is trash. Based on recent experience, I can only assume ‘Orloch’ is now a filtered word in alliance chat. My messages simply provided assistance to newer players in my guild. There is no suitable reason for Ludia to waste 30 minutes (this is an improvement - it was over an hour last time) to review such benign yet helpful comments.

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Going through this almost every time I try to post something.

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I get the same issue a crazy amount of the time, at least once or more every day