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Messed up pvp battles need fixed asap

This is not the 1st time I lost a battle due to battles messing up big time. As you can see from the screenshots I couldn’t see my opponent’s creatures. It wasn’t even showing the damage they delt. I had to restart app just to find I lost the battle and gotten 33 trophies ducked from me for something that is totally not my fault but the development team for not taking care of this ongoing issue that millions of people have complained to them regarding. But do you think I’ll get compensation for loosing so many trophies for a game that screws up nope and I end up getting punished for the devs not doing their job. That’s total bs right there.

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It’s not the devs fault .
It’s the crappy servers that Ludia use.

Hey Kitkat10683, I’m sorry that happened with your battle. Our team is looking into the instability around the Arena.

Then they need to use better servers or fix them properly. It’s bull that I loose trophies for something that was out of my hands. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: