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Meta Creature Comp Vote

Hello people of the forums. Yeah, yeah, I know very bad opening. Anyway I am opening a poll regarding the creatures from the Meta Creature Competition. You can find all the dinosaurs with their creators and move sets there. As for the vote, you will be voting on the most usable dinosaur in the meta that is balanced.

  • Antarctosmaxis
  • Venatorex Ultimus
  • Phorusatavis
  • Thyreodon
  • Albertonyx (self DSQ)
  • Majungaporcus
  • Allochops
  • Diloracheirus
  • Lathraia
  • Archaecyon
  • Albertravatherium
  • Keratonodon
  • Keratosaurus
  • Spinoloyx
  • Spinolyth
  • Rajakylosuchus

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I never expected this many entries thank you guys! There is so much creativity I see into this. Also, I will be judging all these dinosaurs by facing them against each dinosaur in the tyrant tier. If the dinosaur beats all dinosaurs in the tyrant tier, it is disqualified. The dinosaur that fits in the most (in the class system and meta) will win. Remember that I like each and every idea!

If there is a tie and I cannot choose which is the winner I will look into:

  1. How easy the components are to find. (prob wont look into this unless the vote is tied too)
  2. Which got more votes here. As always, your vote will not count if I choose to look into this.

The vote will end Wednesday, August 25th, but I won’t care, keep voting! Therefore I will push the final results to Friday-Saturday.


Lol everyone voting for the Disqualified one