Meta dinos for tournament

This is an epic tournament and I want to point out the top 5 best critters for this tournament.

1st. Poceratamimus : everyone knows this is a OP epic hybrid, it counters I-rex G2, twos shots most creatures, and pretty speedy. This dino will help you alot

2nd. Erlikogamma : another speedy, two rampages and switch what a great combo, add a swap in stunning strike, even more Damage. Even if the two rampages dont work, there is a better distract or speed up

3rd. Indominus Rex Gen 2 : a hard hitter with good combo, if the creature is 117 and lower, then MUTUAL FURY!!!, if faster Cloak, then a APR or DS, huge Damage

4th. Sarcorixis : this kit is strange but GOOD, it’s good to pretty much every thing except immunes and speedies. This creature goes ferocious or immobalize. Don’t swap out because on On escape

5th Secodontosaurus: this is probually the only non-hybrid creature that is good in this tournament, Cric, definite, or big hit. Being Immune , better! Use wisely that it doesn’t get 1 or 2 shot.

These were the best 5 other good creatures, melogaia, posmetrodon, amargocephalus, brontolamus, diplodocus, titanaboa, edmotoguanadon, and thylacatator. Good luck!!

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Playing this tournament, I just realised how good it feels to use epic dinos again. The epic hybrids are one of the best; when the rarity moves up,the dinos get more and more broken. The epic dinos just felt…right, balanced. Even when it came to commons, some of them were broken. It is one of the more enjoyable tourneys, such a shame the next one is an advantage tourney, it just annoys me. Whereas, I actually laughed out loud when I realised Rixis ‘No escaped’ me lol :sweat_smile:. I would say Purutaurus also does good :slight_smile:. I just hope we have more epic tourneys in the future :smile:

1-on-1 Erlikogamma isn’t that good. Secodontosaurus is only really good at finishing off Procera or taking out Purutaurus. I suppose it beats Carbo too, but that depends on a speed tie. I considered using them but I didn’t in the end.

I think Allosaurus G2 and Titanoboa deserve to be mentioned. Allo G2 can survive a Strike and a Rampage from Procera, meaning if the Procera is low on HP it can swap in and still win. It also does a lot of damage to everything that isn’t Indom G2.

Titanoboa is great a great finisher, and since it’s Immune to Distraction it can go toe-to-toe with Purutaurus and Procera. It can also do a lot of damage to Sarcorixis, and it straight-up beats Erlikogamma and Gorgosuchus.


You missed Posti too. It can Decimate anything slower. A setup Gorsuchus is also a bit of a problem.

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yes it is. don’t know how many times she has saved me. and a nice 20% crit chance means she’ll crit often enough to beat an almost full health procerath.

S tier: Procerath, Rixis, Indom2

A tier: Gamma, Megalogaia, Purrutaur, Stegocera, Lasmus

B tier: Posti, Gorgo, Diplod, Mammoth, Thyla

C-F: everything else

I would put brontolasmus up a tier. If it can’t win (which it usually does), it’ll take em down quite a bit

Indom can beat procerath and can beat anything in this tournament. Indom is #1. Procerath is definitely #2 with sarco taking bronze. Gamma is good, but not amazing. i would say brontolasmus is much much better. Seco os ok for slower creatures, but it doesn’t do too much when the speed increases. Diplo or titanoboa are the nonhybrids to use.

Is gamma really that good for this? I seem to beat them pretty easily.

indom’s gotta watch out for a smart set up procerath as well as megalogaia. Can’t tell you how many indoms i’ve taken down with gaia.

Yeah I didn’t do them in order, I just put them in the order they came to mind, lol.

Lasmus is strong no doubt, and the bulkiest thing in the tournament, but I don’t get particularly worried when I see it step onto the battlefield like I do with the big 3.

I go for MF, cloak, strike. Kills all the time. Procerath set up can still lose. This is why indom is the best of the tournament

Gamma is weirdly rather effective as a lead. Double distract in a land with few immunities is great, and it can run away from the crocs which is a huge bonus.

I like to save gamma for last for that exact reason. And on that tier list, you forgot stegocera. That’s a B tier easy

I put Stegocera in A in my comment actually. I really like it as a team utility dino and a finisher. I found it more effective than Thyla.

favorite thing is to swap in a procerath on a MF Cloaked indom. Gets them every time.

Oops. Didn’t see that

I guess that’s why i’m beating so many. I almost always start with a tanky dino like rixis, gaia or boa. never liked the speedster start. most are too frail for me and take a bit to set up. If it wasn’t so late in this tournament, i’d try out gamma in place of thyla. Oh well. i got the option for the next one. got her to 20 for the advantage tournament.

I would say put indom in SS/S+ tier as it has no true 100% counters

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Agreed. I never start procerath or gamma. I will only start gamma if I run into stegocera