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"meta" dinos

While I’m sure we all kind of know what they are, I thought I’d get more opinions. I want to make a completely NON-meta team and see what I can do with it. So besides these -

What else could be considered meta. For instance, is Tenonto meta? Quetzorion? Indom?

What defines “meta”?

I appreciate the opinions and help.

I guess the Tyrant tier which gamepress came up with defines the “meta” creatures.


Depends if you agree with it :slight_smile:


Makes sense. I would agree for the most part.
Maybe that’s what I’ll do. No tyrant tier as defined by that site.


Yeah, I’m not convinced Tenonto or Monostego should be there (and possibly Gemini - although you see so few its hard to judge) and I think Quetzorion probably should be included - but hey, its a good a definition as any :slight_smile:

I agree don’t like it too much

Monostego is a beast trust me. I’ve taken out Thors and Trykos with it


If quetziorion was more easily accessible, it would likely be considered “meta.” I’ve only ever seen 2 at the 4.8k mark besides my own. There’s always that little 5 second pause that happens when my orion hits the field where my opponent tries to figure out how to deal with it. Man I love mine. Level 23 on a team with an average of 24.25 and it still trashes teams on a daily basis.

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I would define meta as anything you see in 75% of the arena. Anything outside those dinos are probably NON-Meta. I play a team on the regular that gives me fits and is the ultimate troll team imo (TroyHD if you are on here please speak up!). His team isn’t completely non-meta as he has tryko and DC, but he also runs Paramoloch, Alankylosaurus, Einasuchus, Nodopatosaurus, and Amargocephalus.

I’ve also seen a lvl 30 Nodopototitan that gave me a run for my money since I didn’t draw any chompers.

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Tenonto can fight a lot of different dinos. It has versatility that most don’t have and can get unexpected takedowns if you win the mind games.


I’m running these two non-meta dinos because of DracoceRAT-OPs. I used to have a level 24 Erlidominus and 26 Diloracheirus in their place, but between bad matchmaking and the low HP I ended up in Lockwood not long after 1.7 dropped. I’m now back in mid-to-high Aviary where I was before that trainwreck of an update.

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So how did Gemini make tyrant … I have one, a few apex have … how many others?

The thing is most people don’t have it at team level so that’s why you don’t see it very often. But when we ran numbers and friendlies with it, it’s an absolute beast at equal levels.

Monostego is a great starter.
Even if out matched it will bring some pain for the most part


Oh it is a beast … but tyrant?

I know sims aren’t everything, but it was 2nd overall against all other dinos in almost 6500 matchups…the attack and HP buff made it so much better.

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yep, when i saw that gemini buff, i thought “omg, now it’s way better”.
and days later, there it was, with top ranked players.

including all lower arenas?
sinoceratops and stegocera would definetly be a meta hehe. when i dropped 2 weeks ago i faced them for sure almost every battle in many lower arenas.

My non-tyrant team for now. I’ll see how far this gets me.

Not convinced? I am. Even before boosts this was the bane of trykos and thor’s everywhere.


Many a day spent in a park collecting DNA for the above posted dino gave me a ton of ingredients for this guy… Glad it’s not tyrant so it can stay on the team during this little exercise. (Funny to think back and remember the disappointment when I saw an epic flyer and it wasn’t darwin, but pteranodon. Who knew?)


I think each arena kind of has its own meta. So non-meta would be running dinos you normally don’t see in the arena you are in. That’s the best way for me to think about it.