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Meta, leaderboard healthiest its ever been

If you were to ask someone what the meta was for 1.2, theyd say raptors. 1.3 and 1.4 would be stegodeus.

But 1.5? Ive heard all of these:

Its the tryko meta!
Its the bleeder meta!
Its the speed meta!
Its the indo meta!

This, along with my current arena experience (someone that battles dozens of times a day, top 500), tells me the meta is the healthiest its ever been.

Same for the leaderboards. Gone are the fixtures of 1-10 (mostly). No more do I see friends fight hard to get to 6k, then zoom to 7k in a few hours- putting them out of reach.

Now the leaders have to fight for it.

As they should.

Finally, wait times are better than theyve been.

Do we have a long way to go? Yeah. Still too many disconnects. Battles still take far too long to calculate (try lethal wounding each other sometime as spinos and tell me how long it takes the game to figure that out). Dmg calculation and speed calcs are still wrong. Etc etc etc.

But overall I am glad this was prioritized. It needed to be done. Kudos Ludia.


I am not on the leader board but battling in the 4100 range has been fine. Really no different that a non-Tourney time. Short waits for opponents and only the occasional time out, but find one the next try. Moving the reset to 4500 has really helped in my range. I have not battled anyone who was displaced and dropped well below their trophy range, the folks 4 or 5 levels higher that is.

I am still battling the usual suspects with the occasional bleeder in there, SuchaTater mostly. I see very few of the new hybrids. Perhaps folks are holding off to see if they are worth the coin investment. I held off creating them immediately to see what the new meta turned into.


Meta is still RNG. Everyone using indom, indo, and mono. Don’t forget lucky crits. Battling would be great if cloak wasn’t broken.

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In mid tiers, indo and indom are most player’s strongest dinosaurs, so it’s unrealistic to bench them. But once your other dinosaurs catch up in level, RNG will be less of a problem.

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I am glad I am seeing some variety on the battlefield! No more boring stego vs trago anymore, 15 minutes fight :see_no_evil:


When I face opponents post update and I see them switch in dracoex gen 2, even if they kill me, I can’t help but smile give props to my opponent


Somehow for me this is very true. I am normally the unlucky side of the Ludia RNG where enemy monomimus and indo both dodges like 95% times … And mine not 5% time.

I even had to replace my Monomimus level 22 (can make up him to 23 but won’t make a difference) with some other level 20 legend (at this moment with Alliosino).

lol. i can imagine that little dude is very annoying.

And on top he hits first after swapping in, so enemy didn’t have chance to complete its move :frowning:

The only i see now is op utharinex and trykosaurus, a singlw trykosaurus at 24 beat me 3-0 even whit my indoraptor at 29 lol he have no counter except pray i get my triox and he dont crit me

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This is making me not wanting to join your alliance

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