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Meta tournament

today, 16 creatures battle for the tile of the greatest creature to ever battle, here are your contestants.
Unknown-3 Unknown-4 Unknown Unknown-2 Unknown-5 Unknown-6 Unknown-7 Unknown-8 Unknown-9 Unknown-10 Unknown-11 Unknown-13 Unknown-14 Unknown-15 Unknown-16 download

for our first battle its speed vrs tank, download vrs Unknown-4

  • ardentismaxima
  • quetzarion

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vote for who you want to win. tomorrow at 12:00 us west time the whoever has the most votes wins.

Without surprise:ardentis win 1000% of this matchup
I would love to see quetz win but its impossible.


you vote for your favorite not who wins in a fight, so every contestant has an even chance.

damn,ok,i would love to change my vote then.

ok Ill keep in mind to subtract one vote from max and add one to quetz

looks like quetza has tooken the lead, let’s see if he can hold it.

im ending a bit early, quetza wins, next, battle of the brotherin

Unknown vrsUnknown-2

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  • indoraptor
  • indoraptor gen2

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I prefer indoG2:
Fact he is white make him more beautiful with his blue stripes!
In term of kit,Indoraptor have always been the “Cheap” unique ,he was powerful at the beginning of the game.
Now,i can’t exactly say what is he supposes to counter?
bleeders maybe,he can damage some "armored uniques tanks (Smilonemys,testacornibus,mammolania)
The problem is,he rely on evasion give by evasive stance ,and this skill became the worst of the game…


If you click view votes you can change your vote.

The tips are welcome :+1:

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It looks like indo2 is taking the lead.

it looks like the king 1.9 to 1.14 is moving on, next up hp vrs more hp, who was your favorite!
Unknown-8 vrsUnknown-9

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  • mamolania
  • geminititan

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voting will close at 8:00pm u.s west time.

1hr 30 minutes left, so vote while you can!!

gemini is moving on, next battle will be hosted tomorrow.

next is og vrs og Unknown-16 vrsUnknown-6, remember this is not who wins in a fight, you vote for your favorite.

  • stegodeus
  • velociraptor

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voting will close at 6:00 us west time.