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You beat me to it! :wink:


Metahub site down again?


knowledge is power.

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shouldn’t be! It should work! :slight_smile:

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Another great read :slightly_smiling_face: and appreciated. Question though, is galli arena only?


Yep. It’s the arena exclusive for Jurassic Ruins. Outside of the events we have had for it.


Somehow I have close to 100k, most be busier than I thought lol :joy:

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thankfully the commons that are arena only seem to be pretty easy to obtain. :slight_smile: The rares and epics however are very rough. Irritator… my poor irritator…


I remember not having anything and thinking how difficult it was to finally create Mimus. I didn’t even get that until the event they had way back when. Now I have over 40K. I’m also not using it, since I never really got Mimus to team level before it got nerfed. It’ll be nice to have all that DNA if Mimus get a unique hybrid though.

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I get excited when I get 13 from a tower!


Great read. Could explain Draco2 having swap-in DSR. Possible superhybrid using Dracoceratops with the same move.


which would make a unique hybrid that would be sooo OP that we’d hear about it non stop until v1.7…


Awesome article man, i love rumors.
I want to point out that the raptor squad are unlikely to get an hybrid, ludia probably wants to keep them as “special creatures”.
My money is on an alankylo unique though.


I really wish they would just throw the whole ‘rarity determines strength’ ridiculous thing out of the window they introduced in… I believe 1.4?

They are basically shooting themselves in the leg with this one, limiting the players for what they can choose as their endgame teams and also themselves to make profit (what is the point of leveling stuff if everyone has to go the same 8 broken dinosaurs?)

Just my two cents.

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“Fusing Ankyntrosaurus (the legendary hybrid component) costs 50 Ankyntrosaurus DNA and 50 Kentrosaurus DNA.”

Minor text fix needed for this part @MNBrian


Doh. Ankylosaurus. That’s what I get for making a fast correction the first time. lol


I think it was in 1.3, but i could be wrong.
Idk, i think that a creature that is more difficult to create should be better, but i think that they should be just slightly better, not that the creature that is more difficult to create is better in every way compared to the easier one.

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Magna better be able to wipe out entire teams and also come back from the dead after this update :sweat_smile::star_struck:


That is what I meant, yeah.

  • Like, commons should have the best raw stats (like Velociraptor and Tanycolagreus)
  • Rares should have weaker 3 spells but for certain stats being better than epics (like T. Rex Gen 2 is faster than T. Rex)
  • Epics being the middle ground being somewhat jack of all trades.
    Legendaries and Uniques (and other hybrids) having 4 spells but not insane base stats. Between their ranks there should be differences. Like how Utahsinraptor is faster and has armor but Utarinex has more health and raw damage potential or Thoradolosaurus having more crit and damage while Allosinosaurus has more tankiness.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why abominations like the current Trykosaurus, Erlidominus and Diloracheirus could / should exist though.

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