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Metahub datamine reveals regions are now continent wide

In case people here have not read the Metahub article on what they found with the datamining of 1.7.33, the dinosaur distribution regions are now locked on a continental basis. Those of us in Africa or Oceania can kiss goodbye to decent uniques like the green chicken or even legendaries like Tryostronix since Baryonyx is a European epic, almost never seen in the southern reaches as it was before this, or Indoraptor, a NA unique thanks to them having TRex.

While we, like everyone else has access to Thor through the Alliance missions, and that will probably soon change, North American and Asian players are hoarding Allosaurus and Tarbo, making it next to impossible to get it if you don’t already have it.

We may as well just chuck it in as the only chance we get are the microscopically small chance Ludia might actually put useful DNA in Epic strike towers instead of the likes of the useless Concavenator.

If this happens, then, the game is completely gone.

At its current state, it is already critical. The arenas is such a mess. Apparently the direction of the game is P2W and therefore is not suitable for F2P players. So, maybe 10% of the players base (max) may find the game playable.

With the restrictions on dino spawns - regions specific, park specific, etc., players from regions where Rexy doesn’t spawn can say goodbye to the game - Rexy is a component of so many meta dinos. Expect, another 5% of the players base will be gone.

So whatever is left from the players base in the very near future is about 5% of the total it was once.

This is what happens when a game is developed and maintained by an incompetent co.


U misinterpreted what those regions meant in that article. Those are regions where the dinos were found and those will be featured week’s/events.

Just like they have done before.


They’re not going to be regional dinos. Dont worry :sweat_smile: Ull see tomorrow when they release the featured week. It’s already been leaked it is going to be the south America week. The Russian guy that also leaks the strike towers every week already posted pictures. So get ready for 30 irritator attempts next week btw lol @AverageMeatsack


not irritating at all! :wink:

Pic or it didn’t happen xD


I just tried posting it. I got red carded instantly

I’ll send u a dm

Sorry if you get a red flag. Honestly they should do it. With vet players dropping out. You might get there interest back ludia.

Did u get my message. I sent you it

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Yeah I did. I hope that they stick to this. As this is the right time to bring irri. Vet players dropping out. Give them something like that. I highly doubt they wont play that week.

Upcoming weeks

That was what I tried to post. I got red carded tho. But yea that’s next week. Smilodon/grypo as epics.

It’s the south American week in the article the op was talking about if anybody wants to see the rest of the rares and commons