Metahub doesn’t think update this week

They usually know more than we do …

It was the same for 1.4 but we still got It during that week

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No in 1.4 they never announced the epics for the week… only showed us dinos up to Thursday… then they released the flyers and ran a flyer event alongside the ongoing event leaving people looking for irritator dna irritated.

That said this event is perfect for another event to run alongside… ill be darting the galis, dimes, and posti… but if something new and shiney comes along i wont be terribly upset about running into less of these guys.


It’s interesting to me that the dinosaurs featured are a little meh. That’s all I’ll say. Could mean something. Could mean nothing.


But I really need dime haha. I was pumped when I saw the lineup

Thats kinda what i was saying… not like when they dropped the fliers and interrupted the irritator days.

Plus youd think theyd want to get it out so they can have a sale before/during black friday.

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Sale during black friday would be like the smartest thing ever… OMG. If they had a black friday style sale??? Jeez. I’d be broke.

Ludia, listen to that one!


I cant tell if your serious or not but i was just thinking the vast amount of people standing in line staring at their phones… waiting for sales to begin.

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Yeah this is correct

It would make sense that the featured dinos would not be related. There are a lot of changes coming and it almost makes sense to release the update and let us put our ducks in a row before the new creatures are featured. Maybe I’m just hopeful.

Plenty of room in this weeks line up to add new creatures in.

Umm… that gave some hopes. Any figurative example?