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Explorers! is THE biggest and most reliable source of information for Jurassic World Alive! We provide the entire community with guides, research, news updates, complete stats for all the Dinosaurs in the game, etc.!

In short, has everything players need to have better experience of Jurassic World Alive!

In this thread, we will post new content on a regular basis. We do our best to provide one article per day during the week. Some of our content comes directly from members of the Jurassic World Alive community!

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Heyo! Best JWA content on the web here! :slight_smile: Love Metahub!


Explorers! A tiny update just rolled out in #JurassicWorldAlive, yet some BIG changes just took place!

  • New Dinos found in the wild: Charlie, Delta, and more!
  • New Incubator + Coin deal in the store!
  • And more!

Check out our latest News Roundup for all the info!



Very fast and reliable info! Thanks for always providing info on the latest news and updates


Explorers! Week 6 of this #JurassicWorldAlive Special Event begins today! Featured Dinos for the next 72 hours are: Ankylosaurus Gen 2, Apatosaurus, and Tarbosaurus! You will have 36 attempts in total for these three Dinosaurs combined!

Check out our complete Week 6 analysis to know what to focus on and what to expect!



Explorers! Today, let’s discuss the findings of our incredible Researchers from our Discord Server: The Arena Incubators Cycling Theory!

How does it work? How do Arena Incubators’ cycles work? When should you get your next Epic/24h Incubator?

Find out right here!



Explorers! Today we discuss the importance of movesets by providing some advice on how to use them effectively in the Arena!

In which order should you use your moves? Should you go for a small or a big strike?

Find out right here!




Explorers! We are tuning in for our weekly News Roundup! What happened this week in #JurassicWorldAlive that may have gone unnoticed?

  • New Incubator in the store;
  • Deal on Cash;
  • Featured Dinos Week 7;
  • And a nice surprise!


Check out all the details right here!


Explorers! Week 7 of Featured Dinos begins today! For the next 48 hours, Lythronax and Deinocheirus, two Common Dinosaurs, will take over your parks!

To know which Dinosaurs to look for this week and an analysis of the Incubators in the store, check out our Week 7 coverage of #JurassicWorldAlive !



Explorers! After spending countless hours analyzing reports from our Discord members, we have finally updated our Spawns Mechanics’ guide!

Where can you find specific Dinosaurs in #JurassicWorldAlive? Find out right here! This updated version includes changes from the recent migration!



Explorers! Pokemon GO Hub has its Raid Guides; Metahub now begins its series of Unique Guides!

We have put together our first guide outlining how to counter the INDOMINUS REX, a merciless beast to battle against in the Arena!

Check out the Indominus Rex Counter Guide right here!



Explorers! We noticed that many of you were wondering the most efficient way to collect Coins or how to best invest them in order to get the most XP.

Well, we now have a COMPLETE COIN GUIDE for you, thanks to Bemxuu!

It’s a long one, but it is useful!



Explorers! We often hear you raging over the 10 DNA that you got for a fusion in #JurassicWorldAlive. We feel your pain…

Luckily, we now have the odds for each amount of DNA that you can get through fusion!

Find out right here the DNA Fusion Rates!



Explorers! Week 8 of Featured Dinos in #JurassicWorldAlive is upon us! It’s a Rare Fest!

Postosuchus, Kaprosuchus, Gorgosuchus, and more!

For the full list, all the crispy details, and to know which Dinosaurs to focus on in Week 8, check out our full coverage right here!



Explorers! We took our time to come up with the BEST review of the patch notes for the upcoming 1.3 MASSIVE update for #JurassicWorldAlive!

Here’s our complete review and speculations on the gameplay portion of the update! Part 1 of 2!

Read it, share it, get hyped!



Explorers! Here’s the second part of our review of the patch notes for the upcoming 1.3 MASSIVE update for #JurassicWorldAlive!

This time, we provide a complete review and speculations on the BATTLE MECHANICS portion of the update! Check it out right here!

Read it, share it, get hyped!



Explorers! IT’S LIVE! Update 1.3 is live right now! Jump on the hype train!

Finally! We can share everything we were able to test in the past few weeks!

Complete review of the new update right here! Exclusive footage, images, etc.! #JurassicWorldAlive



Explorers! Pocemon had to pull an all-nighter, but we have it now! A complete and up-to-date Dinodex!

Find all the stats and moves for all the Dinosaurs in the game right here!