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Your website seems to be down quite often, at least recently?

You asked us to let you know so… :

Spinosaurus gen 2

Suchotator bleed
Swap to alanqua
Invincible shield
Reg strike
Swap in dimorphadon
Dimorphadon died
Bring in spinosaurus gen 2
Spinosaurus died
Bring in suchotator
Swap to alanqua
Last boss died.

All Dino’s were lvl 15 or less.

Worked for me worked for wife. Wife’s team was lower.

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Metahubbers! We finally did it! We’ve hit 5000 members on our discord!!!

That’s right! Join the conversation by hitting this link - https://discord.gg/uzxs7jK

Or check out all the cool things we have coming in Jurassic World Alive in the article below!


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Explorers! We’ve got the updated spawn guide for 1.6!!! Hit the link and check it out!!!


Hey @MNBrian, any chance the images could be moved from https://media.discordapp.net to https://metahub.info? Not sure if you’re the one to do this, but the former is blocked by firewall :sob:

Will do! I’ll work on it! :smiley:

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There’s a new Epic Strike Tower out today and it really packs a punch. As usual, we’ve got a guide for you! Sadly, this strike may be restricted to teams that are a little more advanced. There’s no clever way to get around three level 30 dinosaurs with bleeds like we normally find. :slight_smile:

Check it out!

I usually find your guides quite helpful and check your web for guidance. However, this last one feels too vague, doesn’t it? I believe Pocemon is one of your collaborators, he uploaded a better strategy for low/mid levels that would have been great to see linked there.

Didn’t your mother ever tell you if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


This is a really tough tower and not everyone has the same dinos so it’s not like they can tell people exactly what to use.

I thought it was a good article given the difficulty and they also have more writers than just one person. I think Heather did fantastic on it.


I agree. That tower was insane! Any bit of help was greatly appreciated! This article did not, IMO, seem vague at all. Kudos @Heather!!! :raised_hands:t3::clap:t2::raised_hands:t3::clap:t2:


I’m sorry you didn’t find it useful, please apply for a position as a writer if you would like to do it better. :slight_smile:


Guides are usually the best overview that can be provided for the community as a whole where teams and powered dinos are all so different. While a guide will often get you through many strikes depending on your team strength, if you feel it may be close enough that you need a more customized strategy that’s what the Metahub discord is for. Even here you may get tips of those details if your options to take on the strike are known.

Any guide written that fit such a varied community would be a war and peace sequel.


I didn’t intend to be rude. I was trying to be constructive.
Metahub is the top reference for JWA for me. My first go-to place when I need guidance.

I appreciate that they spend their Sunday time to write a guide to help us.
I’m just suggesting that they could link an “example” as they did so many other times.

@Heather, I hope that you didn’t take offence. I apologise if it sound rude. It was just a suggestion to complement the guide with a video.

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This is a really good idea that we’ve tested a couple times. Using the article format does help us provide strategies for players of different levels …Without the hassle of people having to rewind back and forth.

That being said, the “master level” towers that we’re going to be seeing more regularly are going to be TOUGH! The dinos that you’ll need are going to be more selective and there could be only be 1 or 2 strategies that may work for low to mid-level players. Makes sense for articles for these towers to not be as long as those for easier towers.

This is one of the reasons the forum is pretty great though. I know we have a bunch of people who post their vids pretty early in the day. You get to see lots of different strategies using different teams at different levels.

We really do appreciate the constructive feedback @giardinoni and will continue to keep the quality content coming.


I appreciate the good work Metahub does, and you do in your gameplay posts.

Another thing to keep in mind with these… even the best strategy goes out the window if the AI does something weird. For me, the first attempt started with Kentro, and it did NOT swap to Tuo like you’d expect. It used superiority strike in turn 2, got the crit, and took out my murder chicken. I never recovered a good set up for my chompers. Second attempt I flew through easy with the exact same team - because I knew to play differently. Guides are only that. They are not walkthroughs with guaranteed results.

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Explorers -

Here are the possible missions and rewards (and totals) for the new alliance missions. Take a look!

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Explorers! We’ve got our APK teardown from 1.6 up now! Come see what’s in store for future updates and what’s in the code now (just so long as you don’t mind spoilers)!

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Explorers! The JWA Field Guide has been updated with all the new stuff from patch 1.6 as well as some really cool new features (Creature Compare, DNA Cost Calculator, etc). Check it out!

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