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Hi Everyone,

Many have been asking about MetaHub in the last few days, and some of you on our discord server my have noticed this morning that there was a change to the discord logo and name. MetaHub has been such an amazing place for all of us to write articles and we’re so thankful for the opportunity. But unfortunately the traffic has been slow enough that writers couldn’t be supported even with a very small amount for their work anymore.

Being that many of us take this game a little too seriously and spend a little too much time here, working for free sounded tough. It became clear that while some writers were willing to do some work for free, the kind of content you all were accustomed to (an article a day or so) wasn’t possible without any minor form of compensation.

So two decisions were made.

  • Metahub will remain up, but be slowly phased out (still allowing writers to write for free if they wish)
  • This discord will become a Jurassic World Alive discord and be passed in ownership to me

When this decision was made, I began reaching out to various platforms in hopes we could get our writers set up somewhere in a new JWA home, and I’m very excited to announce we found one.

I was up until 2 am last night working with devs at – and we’ve built a shell for JWA.

Here we will be able to continue to write about JWA (and compensate writers) and keep you all up to date on it. We’ve got patch notes coverage and are working on loading all the stats and moves and filling in old guides. And we’re excited to see what we can do with all of that.

We’re hopeful for this dinosaur game we all love (especially given the patch notes), and while this is the end of one chapter, we look forward to the next.


Thanks. I need to say that I did not realize that the writers were compensated, even if just a small amount. When I first started playing JWA I had intended to be Free to Play. But I was impressed so much with the Battles name graphics that I paid for VIP and some deals because I felt they deserved some cash support for their product.

This is likely a suggestion based on hindsight, but I wonder if a donation to Metahub link (PayPal) would have helped. Maybe not if the traffic was low but I would have sent something.

Hopefully there wil be some volunteers to step up and write articles now that the disaster from 1.7 may have been mitigated somewhat.

How do I find Jurassic World Alive on Discord, please?

Sent the link privately as not to break any rules

Definitely would’ve been a good idea and might be one we can set up through GP. Honestly it’s sad, but we’re excited for the move. We are looking forward to keeping up good content and connecting with people over on GP – as well as continuing to grow our discord server!

Oops I guess i hit this in the wrong category.

If it wasn’t for the fact that im a single parent of a hyperactive child (which is like raising 3 kids on your own lol) I myself would consider writing a few articles.

Sadly time constraints forbid this!

I am glad to hear you all have a new home to write on and can get paid for your work, was wondering myself where all the newest articles had gotten too!
Hope the new website is a smashing hit :slight_smile:


Thank you much! It’s a work in progress but we’re gearing up fast! :smiley:


I like it - have liked GP since my PoGo days - you found a good home.


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Thank you!! :smiley:

I’m glad to hear you guys found a new home. I really appreciate the info and the content you folks provided on MetaHub. I got some really good tips and strategies from the site. I’ll be following you guys to GamePress.

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WOOT! That’s what I like to hear!! :slight_smile: