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Metahub’s Epic Indoraptor Strike Guide

Hey all! Here’s the strike guide for today!


Thanks @MNBrian! I started with Monostegotops, and manage to get a Slowing Impact and Nullifying Impact in before finishing off Indoraptor with Tanycolagreus. I would love to hear what strategies everyone else used as well!


Hi Ned!

Glad to see you play the game. Might I ask, do you play with VIP?

The last time I used BLEED! Suchotator rocks! We died at the same time, but tator was my only loss. Indo cleansed, I used bleed, indo used evasive, I used nullifying, can’t remember the third move, but it killed my Suchotator just as bleed hit it’s 3rd turn and dropped indo.

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My guess is all the mods are VIPs for free. :wink:

Used Thor and Green chicken. 385 Sino as the reward! :grin:


Probably incubators too… Have to make sure they open ok…:grinning:

Congrats @Ned

By the way. I live fairly close by. Next time I’m in Montreal the kids would like to stop by and meet Dr. WU and see how the dino’s are made…lol

Oh yeah, hope I get as lucky as that :smiley: gratz

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Started with Sucho. Used bleed then nullify. Lost him, brought Monomimus - used nullify and the Indo was gone.)

What order do they appear ??

This one is just the indoraptor strike. Traditionally in strikes, the order is highest rarity to lowest, but this was reversed in the Gorgo strike so it may not always be consistent.

I just completed it. Didn’t go as I expected as Indo cleansed first, but still no worries.

My team consisted of:

Pyrritator lvl 18
Velo lvl 20
Tany lvl 15
Draco Gen 2 lvl 16

Pyrritator did distraction pounce but Indo cleansed and kill Pyrritator.
Velo did distraction pounce and Indo killed Velo.
Tany did nullify attack and killed Indo.

Won by just using Spinotasuchus lvl 20. On a very lucky way:grinning:
Crit impact(get a critical)
Indo use cleansing
Then Lethal wound(also getting critical)
Indo uses DSR(got critical), then Indo died.

lvl 24 monostego


Hatchling Thunder Chicken…takes zero damage


look at that crit go! Jeez. :smiley:

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Deinocheirus level 9? :open_mouth::open_mouth:

Nice! Way to go guys! I’ll be doing mine in about 10 minutes! Glad I watched yalls vids first to get an idea of how the AI acts


Think you killed sundays Indo aswell with that crit! Bet your gutted you didnt get any Koola :roll_eyes:

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That’s a baby one, too!