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Thank you for the CAP amounts for this! The post our alliance started is officially retired now…haha.

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I feel like you made this topic just for an advertisement. No offence, I go on Metahub at least two times a day, I’m just say’in

correct. That was what we were told to do by Ludia actually and the moderators of this forum. :slight_smile:


Exciting updates happening in the world of Jurassic World Alive! Check out our coverage here!


More upcoming events? And yet another article explaining why we snubbed certain dinosaurs from our Tyrant tier? My goodness there’s much to discuss today!!!




There’s a new Epic Strike Event and we’ve got a strike guide for you!!! Check out our guide on how to beat this level 30 Tyrannosaurus Rex with a team of level 1 and 6 dinosaurs!!!



The Alliance Rush ended yesterday in quite a flurry, and we’re diving into a review of the rush and what could be improved. And of course, we’ve gotta congratulate our own Alliance for performing so well in the event (without dropping arenas)! :slight_smile:

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Our dataminers were hard at work and we’ve uncovered what we think might be an upcoming event in the recent update!!! Take a peek if you don’t mind spoilers. :smiley:


Stuff stuff stuff…Potentially 5 attempts on trykosaurus! That got my attention.

Yeah that St. Patty day event is sick… better then this week which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

If thats true then it means level 30+ upgrade really coming much sooner than I was expecting.

5 Attempts at Uniques!!! :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

Good to create an unique for most of the lower level folks and can even level up unique couple of times for higher levels!!

This would be really sick!!

I believe you get 1 chance but have choice from 5 Uniques.

I don’t think so. Pretty sure it’s 5 chances. That’s how it worked last time.

Ever been interested in what the people you watch on YouTube have to say about the game? Check out what @bagoyee has to say here


Explorers! There’s an epic strike today and we’ve got your strike guide and four-leaf clover ready!

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Explorers! Today we are talking about one of the most hotly debated dinos in the game: Dracoceratops! Part 1 is how to effectively use it in the arena.

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Golden Chicken? Spikey Potato? Jumbo Rat? These aren’t food dishes, they’re dino nicknames. And we’re voting on the very best ones to be included in the JWA FIELD GUIDE app and on our website!!

Hit the link!.

Explorers! It’s time for the much anticipated 2nd Part of the Dracoceratops Debate: How to get rid of this pesky dino.


We’re at it again! There’s a new survey out on Dinosaur Nicknames! This time we’re voting on Alpha/Beta tiers! Check it out here!

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