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The ppl have spoken, Indiana Jones it is

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well, the PEOPLE have voted, but that DOESN’T MEAN I’ll switch mine’s nickname

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I liked “nibbles” too. Haha. But Indo will work just fine.


In the end, some people will forget this results and keep on nicknaming them however they want


My Indo is named Orion after the constellation/lore behind it, and the Metallica song =]

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Nice nickname



Update 1.7 is here. As people log in (or wait to get the update pushed to your devices), check out our first exclusive look at the upgrade system and how it works in game!

Also, great day to chat with us on discord!!!



In all our hype for today, we’re bringing you coverage on a bunch of new hybrids and new Cenozoics and their animations! Check out our first look at Koolabourgiana!


Next up Erlikospyx!


While android users are waiting for release, here’s Reeb showing us the rest of the new Cenozoics and Hybrids!



Purutaurus and Ardontosaurus





Want to know what’s going on with the new Dinosaur of the Day feature that was mentioned in the patch notes? We’ve got you covered! We reveal the system, how it works, and most importantly, WHAT DINOS are featured each day!!


Erlikospyx is the new Quakers!



We may be stalled waiting for the android version still, but we think we have the spawn tables nailed! :smiley: So without further ado, here’s our “we’re pretty sure this is right” spawn tables! Tough to confirm with 100% accuracy without the android version where we pull a lot of data, but this will do for now!

We’ll let you know if we missed anything!

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Last one for the night! We completed our datamine, and HOLY COW WE FOUND SOME STUFF!!! So if you don’t like spoilers, stay away. For the rest of you, GET IN HERE!



Need help with your non-hybrid team for the upcoming tournament?! Metahub has you covered!



We’ve got an exclusive look at the BRAND NEW UNIQUE - Geminititan! Take a peek!

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Let’s talk 1.7 rollout and where we are at. Ludia’s given us some more news and we wanted to share how we were feeling as well!



We hit 6000 discord users and we’re pumped about it! Celebrate with us and let’s talk what new content we’ve got in the pipeline!



We’ve finally done it! We’ve got your updated 1.7 tier list! Exciting stuff!! Take a look!


A big shout out for all you guys!

Thanks for putting the time and effort in,
We all really do appreciate it.
:clap: :clap: :clap: