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Metahub's Gorgo Strike Guide (Including LOW LEVEL counters)


Hey all!

Below is the strike guide for todays strike event. We’ve added a new section to counter guides going forward where we try to beat the strike with level 15 and below dinosaurs (something very useful to newer players).

Hope it helps!


Need gorgosuchus.
Have gorgosaurus : lose
Pay 200 cash: have gogorgosuchus. Duel bugged, relaunch and lose my suchochator: lose

Thanks Ludia


There’s a way to do it with the gorgosaurus lead, just requires two bleeders with lethal wound. You’d want the fourth to be either Dimodactylus or Spinosaurus Gen 2.

I’ve added that to the counter guide to assist. Normally Ludia has the higher rarity dino lead, but in this case we’re getting reports that the lower level rarity dino leads (Gorgosaurus).


1700 cash out still lose
Jurassic bug >_>


:frowning: no good :frowning: