Method for fusion

I would like some interesting advices on fusion.
Let’s say you have precious DNA you just got for an awesome hybrid (uniques) . Do you guys warm up fusion dna on useless Hybrids or just got to that DNA button to see if you get a 10 or 30?
Trying to get magnapyro and finally got some irritator dna and only got a 10 :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3:. Back to waiting for irritator dna again.

Sorry meant to say I got a 10 for pyrritator

Take every Dino related to the Dino you want to fuse of your team. laugh as malicious fusing code thinks your powering up off team and gives you way better fuses!!!

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Got Indo raptor in six fuses from using this

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on magna i wait for him to open his mouth very wide… (grow up) then i press fuse. for dinos like thor or spinotosuchus, i wait for the right foot to raise but only untill after the left foot raises once it backs up…

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if its a silhouette of a dino i haven’t unlocked yet, i look at the way it sways from left to right and count to 7…

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for pyrritator i wait for the claw tap on the right foot but only after ot spreads its legs to shoulder width.

I have found animation only counts when the Dino has been unlocked so that the sprite actually animates rather than sitting still like all uncreated Dino’s do

still works, just look at the sway. once it sways to either the left or right and stops, thats when i count 1. then wait for it to do it again and count 2. i know im crazy lol but it works.

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Well I haven’t had much increase from average 20 per fuse using that method using the one I described it’s like 40 average

got me a 100 on thor lol

Indo rap in six fuse I’m not joking lol

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ive tried that method too. i took all team off and fused but then id forget to switch back and go do a battle lol.

I always wait until mercury is in retrograde, then do all my fuses beneath a full moon with only one foot on the ground. At that point, I wait until just after 12:01pm EST and vigorously tap fuse until all my fuses are done. That’s how i get the best results.


Did you have 5 10s before though? Cause if so still average 20

no i dont allow a string of tens like that. ill go dart a dino or do the rain dance after 3 10s…

with thor i got alot of high fuses. even with rinex before i unlocked i got two 50s in a row.

Rofl gold. I started using what I described after I unlocked stegodeus stegodeus took 2 months for first legendary every legendary since has been a matter of weeks lol. Give it a go

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ive tried it. that was the first method i used. i agree very good results. i just get lazy and dont want to swap them.

I got Indo rap at Halloween it’s lvl 23 from that fusing! at end of day if you wanna compete gotta use any edge. That’s only fusing voodoo lvl techique I have found that works! Ignore at your own peril and pain fellow dpg members!!! :muscle:

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