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Methods of 🧬 Farming!

As we all know,DNA is a very important resource in the game and is required at all stages of the game,especially at the higher stages,however many people fail to get enough because of not making the best they can. If anybody would like me to add anything,feel free to express it.

  1. Do not purchase dinosaurs just because they seem cool,purchase helpful ones.

  2. Grind Boss Battles,if you complete all the Tasks in the boss battle,you can farm around 18000-19000 DNA!

  3. Do Apatosaurus fossil to DNA trades,previously I used to strictly avoid these,but these eventually help out a lot!

  4. Invest in creatures which will help you in a long term,it does not necessarily mean to strictly save DNA for Creatures at the top of your line up,It also means creatures which will help you in Tournaments.

  5. Grind regular PVP,I used to not do these previously as they mostly give Coins and food,but when they do give DNA,it is decent,I am sure that in 5 battles everyday,at least 1 must be DNA. It may not be worth it under Advanced Prize Wheel,but above that it is totally worth it. Try using only 1 of your good creatures per match and use 2 Triceratops as it can fetch you much better results as the prize wheel is decided based on the ferocity of your strongest creature,not the average ferocity of your team for PVP

  6. For those who are not yet maxed level! Battle Stages provide lots of DNA! Every alternate stage or so under level 70 gives you lots of DNA,and the gap increases the higher you are,so Deinocheirus is battle stage 70,Ceratosaurus is 75,so 71,72,73,74 all provide 5500 DNA,so if you like,you can stash these battle stages and do them at once,5500*4 equals 22000,which is a lot.


Ya tge dna farming methids r really good. However most of the 38000 dna which i have, comes from the apato to dna trades, which i do very often(2-3 perday) and the. Battle stages.

38,000 how do you maintain that? I would spend that in instants like it never existed in the first place! I mean,I can get 2 Suchoripterus or even get 4 Stegoceratops in that!

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I need the power of the fossil!

If you need to stack up DNA,u need to be a little patient. Spend your DNA really wisely, where you should they you could save even more than you expected


I have about 80K DNA right now.

Mostly, because I’m spending very little DNA.

And that is because I’m doing coins->Dino trades to keep my hatchery running. I also do modded PvP.

I generate maybe 12million coins per hour now.

A lot of the late game hybrids are 40K+ DNA.

Save your DNA for the big boys. Take what the game gives you until you can unlock the big boys.


I get such few Apatosaurus fossil trades though, most of mine are used up in coin trades.

I want to wait for a while before aiming for the big boys! I got 8 Suchomimus all based off what the game gave me,all the game has to give me now is 3 Monolophosaurus!


coins to dinos is the ultimate DNA farming. You just don’t get to pick what you get.

I have 9x Level 40 Alangasaurus which is 92,880 DNA (plus evolve costs)
I’ll soon have 9x Level 40 Labrinthosaurus which is 107,280 DNA (plus evolve costs)

Many were bought on discount.

But, I figure I’ve been doing 1 coins->dino trade a day for the last two months (mostly Aquatic, but I’m moving to Ceno now) and I’ve gotten mostly legendary dinos. Figuring about 4500DNA per Aquatic, I’ve gotten back maybe 270,000DNA.

Most of this was off the back of the Alangasaurus as I only started the Labrinthosaurus a couple weeks ago, but I’ll count it against both.

I’m in the black about 70,000DNA right now.

And I’ve gotten 3 Smilodons this way.

This also doesn’t count the 3 Ragstega or 9 Spinoratpors I got in PvP Modded, which cost coins these guys are heavily producing.

And with all of that going, I have 3x Gorgosuchus (nerfed to level 1) which is 127,680 DNA that I actually spent on something.


I have 35,000 dna since I only hatch creatures from packs and battle stages and rarely buy them.

And that is a great way to do it.

But don’t be afraid to spend DNA where you have holes in your line up.

I have amphibian holes in my line up, hence the Gorgosuchus. But they will be useful for the rest of the time I play the game.

Suchoripterus isn’t too great,it is good as my top creatures are all carnivores and a level 20 is still going to not imbalance my team,Tapejalosaurus is a far better option though tbh.

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That is a great way to do it,but it has its own loopholes,I used to do the same,but now I hatch them only to sell them if they are already maxed or insignificant,it will be hard to level stuff and compete in tournaments.