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Methods to farm DNA ( Updated )

As we all know,DNA is a very important resource in the game and is required at all stages of the game,especially at the higher stages,however many people fail to get enough because of not making the best they can. If anybody would like me to add anything,feel free to express it.

  1. Do not purchase dinosaurs just because they seem cool,purchase helpful ones.

  2. Grind Boss Battles,if you complete all the Tasks in the boss battle,you can farm around 18000-19000 DNA!

  3. The trade harbor in general is an excellent source of DNA - coins to DNA, buildings/decorations to DNA, unwanted creatures to DNA. 3a. To maximize the benefit, as soon as it becomes available, keep solely Apatosaurus fossils in your market and no other decorations or buildings, so you get the best possible offers for DNA (and food, DBs, etc.). If not available, keep only Hammond statues. 3b. The rarity of resources is approximately coins < food < DNA < DBs <= LPs. So unless there’s a good reason to do otherwise ( a particularly bad ratio on the offer, or you’re really low on that resource), trade up when an offer comes.

  4. Invest in creatures which will help you in a long term,it does not necessarily mean to strictly save DNA for Creatures at the top of your line up,It also means creatures which will help you in Tournaments.

  5. Grind regular PVP,I used to not do these previously as they mostly give Coins and food,but when they do give DNA,it is decent,I am sure that in 5 battles everyday,at least 1 must be DNA. It may not be worth it under Advanced Prize Wheel,but above that it is totally worth it. Try using only 1 of your good creatures per match and use 2 Triceratops as it can fetch you much better results as the prize wheel is decided based on the ferocity of your strongest creature,not the average ferocity of your team for PVP

  6. For those who are not yet maxed level! Battle Stages provide lots of DNA! Every alternate stage or so under level 70 gives you lots of DNA,and the gap increases the higher you are,so Deinocheirus is battle stage 70,Ceratosaurus is 75,so 71,72,73,74 all provide 5500 DNA,so if you like,you can stash these battle stages and do them at once,5500*4 equals 22000,which is a lot. And for those already maxed, Infinite Battle Stages surely do help.

  7. Never waste Loyalty Points,while this may be confusing on why are we speaking Loyalty Points on a DNA guide, it makes sense if you think of it this way, Loyalty Points give you the chance to purchase VIP Packs with Creatures in them, and allow you to participate in the Prize Drop if you are a VIP,which in turn gives you a VIP creature at the diamond level. This will lessen the need to spend much DNA and will help you stack more DNA, VIP creatures also have shorter Cooldowns, allowing you to use them more frequently, so you have a lesser need of adding a deeper bench.

  8. Do Coins to Creature Trades frequently, they will all save you DNA.

  9. Grind Tournaments in Dominator,they typically have a high chance of DNA in them. (Thank You Timmah)

  10. Invest in End-Game Dinos such as Superhybrids and Tournament Hybrids which will help you throughout the game. (Thank You for pointing it out again Timmah)
    a) Superhybrids don’t use regular DNA, so they help in defraying DNA needs
    b) Selling Superhybrids (created using SDNA) to get more DNA

  11. You can watch up to 7 ads for 50 DNA per Day,you can gain 350 extra DNA everyday. Over a longer period of time it pays off.

  12. Code 19’s. This mini-game gives experience, s-DNA and DNA for successfully completion, based on how well you hit the targets.
    12a. The amounts are based on the rarity of the creatures and the number that are in the paddock, the higher rarities and the more full the paddock is, the higher the amounts of DNA you can get.
    12b. The paddock numbers seem to go in even amounts… 1 creature gets the same result as 2 and so forth. A common paddock will top out at a max of 90 DNA, while paddocks with tournament hybrids can get upwards of 900+ DNA for a perfect score.
    12c. To maximize your DNA farming from Code 19’s, you first of all want to be sure to play regularly so you are consistent enough to get perfect scores. You can then stash paddocks that have small numbers and lower rarities (either all the time, or just while doing Code 19’s each day) so that the Code 19s trigger on high scoring paddocks.

  13. Getting VIP, it gives you a Super DNA Site and a DNA site, using the DNA site gives you extra DNA, and the S DNA allows you to avoid using regular DNA for purchase of creatures. Also you have VIP only Events which give you extra creatures in the form of DNA,extra DNA cards,and more LP,which I have above mentioned about, how use of LP reduces needs to use DNA

  14. Never purchase a dino or hybrid without a discount going on. The discount for hybrids is on Wednesday (for non vips) and for normal Dino’s its on mondays and Thursday’s (for non vips).


I know you would be curious why I have re-created a thread which I had already made, I added 2 more points and have made it a wiki so that everybody can edit it,so everybody can add their own points.

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  1. Grind Tournaments while in Dominator.

Dom wins typically have a 50% chance for DNA rewards.

  1. Spend DNA on unlocking and creating “end game” dinos. (Tournament Hybrids). The others are nice and will come with time, but when you can buy once, and that dino will be useful for you to the end of the game, it is DNA well spend.

For example, any DNA spent on Gorgosuchus or Segnosuchus is value you’ll use for the rest of your game.

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I’ve made this a Wiki Post,so you can edit the Original Post.

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I dont do 5 or 11

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Become a VIP.
First of all you support the company that provides you with your favourite dino game and furthermore you will get the DNA factory which will give you 2,400 DNA per day after a while.

Before you ask, I don’t get paid by Ludia for this post.


Thanks for making this a wiki. Now, anyone who wants a “Wiki Editor” badge can get one


I got 700 DNA per day by watching ads on my iPad and android phone.

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And also I recommend my technique by sell dinosaur that I got from custom trade(rare hybrids ) and hatch them before sell to got 50 % of original price so I got 300k DNA by this technique.


hey not all of us have an extra…$5?

Never purchase expensive dinosaurs without a discount going on.


Its $14 for me. Id do it for 5 in an instant lol

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Those dinosaurs are useful to me, Id rather have them than dna which is basically useless to me right now.

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I did a bit of an edit on the trade harbor section to clarify the ways to do the best trades.


I’d rephrase this statement: “I am sure that in 5 battles everyday,at least 1 must be DNA”

Sorry, but random chance doesn’t work that way. More like “If you do at least 5 battles a day, you have a very good chance of at least one of those giving DNA.”

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Not to mention with 3 custom trades, you can farm more DNA with coins to creature trades.


Random chance doesn’t care that you’ve landed on small coins 10 times in a row…


Annoyingly no, it doesn’t! Having had wheel spins like that from time to time.

I’ve been tracking my Code 19s, wondering if they were picked at random, and it’s interesting how un-random they seem, with it seeming to do a really good job of rotating through all my available paddocks before a repeat showing up. Speaking of which… let me add them to this list…


I have learned from this forum, I think it was Mary Jo , to do the coins for creatures. I have found that with 99,999,999 coins I get a hybrid almost every time. This is Jurassic. I tried a few times in Aquatic cause I would not mind one of those creatures. But I have only gotten a Legendary each time Has anyone had success using the trade harbor for Cenozoic or aquatic hybrids.

I also from time to time stock up buying Apatosaurus fossil or John hammonds for trade when I don’t have enough coins. You get a decent amount of DB or LP from those

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