Metoposaurus VIP Tournament - 5/4/2019 - 5/5/2019

Waiting for the short VIP tournament today. Anyone know what times these tournaments start?

I think they will start at the same time as normal tournaments.

Metoposaurus will be the top prize. Very very rare, I only got two of them in over two years.

Don’t have that either. So it’d be useful to build up my badges.

Starts in 51 minutes.

And the pack resources is equivalent to a 50k VIP point pack.

Rules looks like Jurassic with no limits.

It’s been so long since I did a regular Jurassic tournament, I have completely different dinos available now and no idea what I need to bring at different levels. And being VIP only throws another loop into it. I forgot this was starting soon and so waiting for my best stuff to cool down (about another hour or two) but in the meantime, any idea what the lower end of Dominator and/or top levels of Predator might require?

I went from Hunter to Dominator because the rankings are so smushed together right now. That being said it seems to be very similar to what I remember for other Jurassic tournaments Predator will probably be the equivalent to 1 lvl 20 vip creature and 2 lvl 10’s or something around there. I tried this as my first round fight in Dominator and lost:

The few rounds I have done in Dominator where I won I brought 3 lvl 20 VIP creatures or the equivalent mix of other creatures to get to the same ferocity:
I won both of these

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Okay thanks, that’s very helpful. That first lineup is almost exactly like my top team right now, as I have been holding off on leveling up any of my VIPs. So won’t try anything in Dominator if I do jump up there at any point, but will see if that’s good enough to stick around the top half of Predator at least and possibly sneak into Dominator at the end again. Will just have to see how things go with it being such a short tournament and VIPs only (which I’m guessing generally are going to be more of the dedicated players).

Ooh, yikes, tried a match from spot 20 in Predator and got stomped on pretty bad. Will give it another try once I fall a bit more but probably there’s too many long-time, high level players in a VIP tournament for me to do much more than the lower level of Predator. I need to get to work hatching more of my jurassics out, but with all these special tournaments, haven’t had time to with my hatchery always being full with aquatics and cenos! Just my T-rex’s alone will take a couple weeks to get hatched out, as many of them as I’ve acquired in just a few weeks.

Invested all my lv 40 VIPs in combination with lower dinos for my first run. Only spared my Apatosaurus for the event tomorrow. I only lost two fights so far.
Maybe one more run tomorrow will lead to 900 to 1000 points. This should be more than enough.

Has anyone noticed a metoposaurus card pack in the prize wheel? I keep forgetting to look.

I’ve seen it, but only flashing by at lightspeed.

Yes, it’s in there. Don’t they usually have the same pack in the prize wheel? I know they did in the last one, because I landed on it! Of course, it doesn’t unlock it but still a pretty nice bonus to get.

Uggh, this tournament is really not going well for me at all. Guess that’s why the bottom of Dominator is still so low on trophies, other players must be having the same experience. Here’s the match I got in Predator spot #27. Might have won this if the class lineup didn’t screw me over so badly. It’s about a 3-hour cooldown so hopefully by the time that’s up I’ll be at a level where it gives me something more reasonable.

@Mary_Jo, I always like opposing creature line ups for these things in a 2:1 ratio. For example, two herbivores and one amphibian or two carnivores and one pterosaur. Basically any dino that has an advantage on you, you have at lease one dino with an advantage on it, with half the possible dino classes being neutral.

For example:

It looks impossible but by swapping dinos and bringing the second herbivore in for fodder and reserve building it was actually an easy win.


Thanks for the tip although sounds like something I may need to practice, as I still haven’t really gotten consistent just with using my first dino as fodder, such that I am always able to get 4 points to the next one (seems like I either block too much or not enough and get killed too early) and in this case, he was killed before I even got to reserve a single point so hardly would have made any difference. In normal PvP matches, I very rarely lose now with my 3-class lineups, but yeah, when I’m really overmatched it does become much more dependent on how the classes line up against me.

@Potato - Well I decided to give that lineup method a try, I had dropped to spot 29 in Predator, and time for another try. When I saw the lineup it gave me I had to laugh at how similar it was to what you posted, just with different classes - but not sure I could pull it off and even less so when I was only able to get 3 points reserved off the first ptero (it was either be happy with that many or risk him killing me with nothing passed to the next). It definitely was a close call, my concav was down to about 100 health but indeed I was able to win it exactly the way you described, and got enough trophies to move up to spot 89 in Dominator.


My first run through. Hopefully get a second run later tonight, although I expect it will be an abbreviated one

This is one of four non-hybrid creatures I do not own a single one of (the other three being Titanoboa, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Panochthus). I want him.

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