Metri in Jwa

So I tried to dart a t-rex with bad internet and this happened. This has happened before when I tried to dart a doedicurus about a year ago.

Does anyone have an explanation for the metri?

It’s been there for a lot of time (most likely from the beginning) and I think most people have agreed that it’s just a placeholder instead of an actual easter egg or teaser.


Ok thank you

This has been in the game for over a year now
At first I thought it was fake and then it actually happened to me

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I hope it eventually comes in though

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It warms my heart every time a new player discovers this glitch and gets a shimmer of hope that Metriacanthosaurus will be added to the game :sweat_smile:

(Also the glitch spells Metriacanthosaurus wrong)


metri should be an epic with 4700 health and 1900 attack.

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