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Metriacanthosaurus tournament

Good luck to all who want Mr. Moderate spine (though his level 40 look is anything but moderate)
My first run. Missed a win when someone rang the door mid fight. Rude :rage:


Ended my run over 2 hours ago.




My park is such a mess I didn’t realise I already had it.


Ended mine two hours ago with over half my dinosaurs still available so I can get through Saturdays events and still be able to do several fights tomorrow in the tournament


This tournament is the end for me… the difficulty seems to be ramped up so that even my level 20 VIPs are now getting stomped on routinely and the AI as well just more difficult to win against if you don’t come with an AFS way higher. With all the other negative game changes that have been unloaded on us over the last couple months, I think it’s time for me to step away from a game that just isn’t very fun any more, at least in terms of the battles and tournaments. Maybe a respite from it will help me feel differently, but right now, I just don’t enjoy a game that at every turn seems to be looking for ways to strip me of resources, make me lose battles, gives me crappy prizes even when I do win, etc. My time is just more valuable for me, to play something that just isn’t very fun.

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The most important aspect of every game should be having fun.
I will be very sad if you decide to quit (I personally think that you are very successful) but if it is no longer fun for you, it is maybe best for you.
Never forget, it is just a game.


My first day, in contrast to @Mary_Jo I did not recognize any change in the behaviour of my opponents.
Maybe it is becoming harder for newer players (for me @Mary_Jo is not one of them) but I cannot know this for sure.

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I did not see any changes in difficulty either.

@Mary_Jo: nothing like a breath of fresh air before coming back to the fight (if ever). Trust me. You also have the option of ignoring PvE and tourneys and just doing your own thing. I can see level 20 VIPs getting pummeled. I don’t know my AFS scores, but to hang onto about 80th spot in Dominator is requiring level 30 VIPs for me.


The AI seems different to me. A few times today my dinosaur has been taken out with the minimum shots required. For instance when I’m low on health (low enough to be one shotted) I’ll reserve three and wait for the AI to unload all four attack points. This hasn’t worked too well for a short while now (a week or so), but in this tournament I’ve noticed an awful lot and on both of my accounts that the AI will just use one or two attack points regardless.

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Data Data Data…
Prior tournaments and this one so far:

As far as difficulty versus others, here is the last tournament that was a standard Jurassic with no rules and three days (Troodon):

HA 100 SU 68 SU 03 HU 58 HU 13 PD 86 PD 63 PD 39 PD 13 D 96 D 86
Trophies 29 30 32 31 29 29 31 33 35 35 34
Resource gained D F F F Rare P D Rare P B D D D
Amount of Resource 75 17925 11950 11950 - 150 10 100 200 200
Slot 1 H 72 330 406 728 1080 1740 1646 1646 1570 2653 1792
A 18 103 155 228 276 233 421 421 491 355 684
Slot 2 H 74 280 459 700 1066 1252 1944 1538 1757 2274 1264
A 19 107 143 219 333 391 203 481 449 474 922
Slot 3 H 61 283 412 654 804 1133 1614 1410 1470 1765 2552
A 23 108 157 250 377 433 413 539 561 674 429
Ferocity Average 133 636.9 911 1437.5 2035.1 2502.5 2840.8 3068.4 3200.1 3833.9 4040
O Slot 1 H 45 312 346 981 1075 703 1029 1344 2540 1440 2592
A 17 52 132 375 410 269 668 780 718 810 1215
O Slot 2 H 45 171 577 1399 1472 806 1680 2226 2277 2137 1532
A 17 125 220 395 376 468 525 464 526 668 1231
O Slot 3 H 57 224 591 907 1248 980 730 1421 2362 2570 2040
A 22 70 151 527 390 374 443 825 1107 1087 638
Ferocity Average 108.7 499.1 1041.2 2479.1 2519.4 2014.7 2891.4 3870.6 4900.7 4785 5344.3
Difference 18% 22% 14% 72% 24% 19% 2% 26% 53% 25% 32%
Good or Bad G G B B B G B B B B B

And then this tournament, I tried to keep my match ups very similar at each level:

HA 100 S 67 S 07 H 57 H 13 PD 86 PD 63 PD 39 PD 13 D 96 D 86
Trophies 29 30 32 30 28 29 30 33 34 35 34
Resource gained D VIP P D D F D D D D C F
Amount of Resource 150 - 120 120 23900 150 75 75 200 35775 23900
Slot 1 H 64 330 406 784 1080 1740 1646 1646 1570 2653 1792
A 24 103 155 271 276 233 421 421 491 355 684
Slot 2 H 72 280 527 816 1066 1368 1538 1757 1695 2274 1909
A 23 107 135 231 333 350 481 449 530 474 596
Slot 3 H 70 283 412 676 866 1296 1614 1410 1520 1765 1919
A 27 108 157 258 451 405 413 539 581 674 733
Ferocity Average 147.6 636.9 925.1 1569.3 2134.7 2521.9 3002 3107.3 3303.8 3833.9 4020.5
O Slot 1 H 56 221 443 627 478 1210 713 2129 2129 2218 2160
A 14 56 113 160 122 342 587 813 813 1287 1125
O Slot 2 H 61 118 353 253 804 663 804 1414 2665 2952 3014
A 19 37 165 97 251 207 377 540 833 923 942
O Slot 3 H 49 291 443 742 487 1017 591 2583 1440 2898 2040
A 15 74 113 256 457 351 226 660 750 741 471
Ferocity Average 106.5 388.1 830.1 1087.9 1475 1923.3 1972 4189.2 4633.7 5837.1 5111.9
Difference 28% 39% 10% 31% 31% 24% 34% 35% 40% 52% 27%
Good or Bad G G G G G G G B B B B

There was negligible difference in my match ups and I saw no difference in difficulty. Some of the match ups I purposefully put slightly stronger creatures to see if I could reduce the difficulty on the match and was able to do that at certain levels but also got less trophies for those wins as a result.


I have had very little problems with getting to the top of dominator league. Maybe what I was talking about on another thread is starting to take place and the AI is gradually starting to change back to what it should be and require players to have to start leveling up those dinosaurs no more easy tournaments where you can use lower level dinosaurs and finish in dominator league

So it looks like the cut-off for Dominator will be about 1400 trophies, @Sionsith?

As with the last tournament, it’s not something you will notice unless you are using teams at the AFS of a level 20 VIP. Previously I would get matches with these lineups that were tough, but doable. 35 point battles generally. Now they are getting stomped on, which is frustrating when before I could run up my Dominator score using them and then have plenty of higher level stuff to do any other PvE events. Clearly Ludia is bumping up the difficulty to try and force players around my level to pay for more cooldowns.

What is so frustrating is that when I use the higher level dinos, my lvl 40 SR hybrids, etc., I get matches that my level 20 VIPs would have no PROBLEM winning. So I don’t know how they could be considered not strong enough and get these ridiculously hard opponents that they have no chance against (i.e. the typical response of the AI to you attempting to sandbag). After months of them being great for tournaments, now all of a sudden they are no good??

It’s that kind of thing that just really angers me in how this game is constantly trying to find ways to make me lose more. The tweaks to the AI as well are causing me to lose PvE/PvP rounds more often, and then the daily missions forcing me to do a modded round and how LONG those take… which have made tournaments rounds unbearably slow as well. And this is on top of the game already take more of my time each day with requiring more rounds, while giving crappier rewards, time I’m just not wanting to spend any more with my health improving, so every loss just feels like it’s cutting into my free time to do other stuff.

I don’t think I’ll quit completely but I definitely need to step back more and find a way for this game to not feel so much like a job that I dread having to do every day. I’ll probably still finish out the tournament, since the packs are always the best thing you can get, but skip all these lame events that want me to use my top dinos for a spin of the wheel that likely will get me nothing better than a rare dino. I can’t think of a bigger waste of my time.


There definitely have been tweaks to the AI that I have noticed. It not only will more often try to take you out with a minimum number of hits, but there have been times when it has a guaranteed kill when figuring in my reserve… and it STILL holds back and attacks with less. I’ve never seen that before. Blocks of 4 or 5 points are common now, and attacks where the AI uses all its points have become exceedingly rare.

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Fair point. I went through the four fights of the Underwater event today to win… hold your breath… a Bonitasaura!

Four PvE events with my best aquatics, to get a common dinosaur? Yawn Let’s just say I had better things to do than try the other PvE events today.

Have fun with whatever you do. For all the lousy things in this game, there are still lots of other fun things to do. I can imagine someone having a blast just evolving and fighting with the dinosaurs going up the DNA-cost-ladder on PvP. I mean hey, it’s dinosaurs. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs, even if you don’t get the “limited edition latest-and-greatest” from every limited-time event? What does it profit a player if he gains the whole park yet loses his soul?


A Bonitasaura, great I wish I had one too.:weary:


I am finding this tournament ok but I have enough lev 30 to get me through. However the only way I can do this without spending a lot of db is by using the dinos as soon as I have them available so that they all get to fight as many battles as possible. My most successful team is a lev 20 herby followed by a lev 30 carn and then a lev 20 amph. Once I cant use that combo I use a ptero in place of an amphib. Whenever I try to get away without having a lev 30 in that line up I face ridiculous opponents I probably couldn’t even beat with my best team. Just fought my way back to 6th having just woken up. My other account us now lev 50 and is stuck in hunter league which is where it probably deserves to be. I have always assumed the tournaments are supposed to be this hard. The spin wheel reward is pathetic and they may as well turn the thing off. I have won 2 mystery packs and 1 x 1000 dna. However with all my dinos which are capable of doing ok in tournaments you would think they have a reasonable chance of success in the other events. They don’t. I never stand a reasonable chance so I hardly ever bother.


What’s odd is after repeatedly having my lineups with lvl 20 VIPs stomped on earlier today, tonight they now seemed to be able to compete again. I started using just 1 and then worked up to lineups with all 3 and was still winning. But then as I was finishing up used a lineup with my top AFS dinos, which I’ve never lost with in Dominator… and got completely stomped on with a lead-off Spinotosuchus that not only could take out my monostego meat shield with 1 hit… but could take out my own Spino with 1 hit as well! So seems like there’s just been a ramped-up chance of getting these impossible matches even with lineups that are normally perfectly suitable for a Dominator match. Paired with the ever decreasing chance of getting decent prizes off the wheel (can’t remember the last time I got a decent pack, and even decent DNA rewards have become fewer and far between… DBs more than 10 now rare beasts as well) there’s very little reason to try and do more than just enough to squeak by.

@HanSoloWannaBe - it’s the very fact that there are so many different elements to this game and ways to play that I keep sticking with it. I hate to pass on anything that includes an unlock for something I don’t have yet, so that and the prize pack at the end is a good reason alone to do the tournaments at least. But yeah, so many of the PvE’s have become such a bad return on my time that I think that’s where I need to get over the need to try and do everything. I may start skipping the lottery as well since I certainly don’t need MORE stuff to hatch and a lot of days I just don’t feel like sitting through ads and so have sometimes forgotten to get those tickets done and ended up having to pay DBs at the end as a result.


I think it is not good to try to everything unless you are in a position to do so without too much trouble. I only recently started to do all the tournaments. Before this I would l have to pretty much use all my db to stay in dominator. I used to only be able to do 1 in 3 tourneys due to this.

If my VIPs weren’t getting stomped on earlier today, it really wouldn’t have been a problem to do the PvE’s as well in terms of dino numbers that I have. Rarely have I had to skip ones I wanted to do in the past month or two. But time-wise, that’s another matter. I just don’t have as much time these days particularly during the week to spend on this game, and don’t want to keep finding myself having to spend an hour at night staying up later than I should to to try and finish stuff before going to bed. Something has to give eventually. With the game continuing to require more for daily missions, more rounds than in the past on PvE’s, and having to do more battles in the tournament due to randomly getting impossible matches, the time suck has just continued to get worse.