Metriachantosaurus Gen 2

While trying to hunt an Archaeoterium that had just spawned with the giga scent, when touching the creature, the screen blinked and a new screen appeared overlapping my own. I couldn’t do anything except move to the market screen and to the battle screen but the bug image was still there.
I just closed the app and opend it and the strange screen was gone.

How often does it happen: Just once

Screenshot_2020-04-01-17-52-31-416_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_2020-04-01-17-54-44-863_com.ludia.jw2

It’s an old glitch, we probably won’t get a Metriacanthosaurus any time soon.

:sweat: I admit I was a little bit exited with the possibility of Metriacanthosaurus spawning in the next update.

The wisdom of this dinosaur haunts us since JWA launch. Nothing new here

This glitch is still around?!

However I would like Metrias more than new cenozoics

Limnoscelis is another dino that has had data in the game for over a year, but we still haven’t seen it in the game. I don’t think we’ll see them anytime soon.

probably just a place holder for the longest name the game can fit on the screen