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Metriaphodon tournament

Noone has done this one yet, so i did it. A place to track the latest tournament. My first data:

Some of my best dinos are still unused, but the opponents were getting a little crazy, and i didn’t want to risk a loss.
Good luck to everyone


Unfortunately, I used most of my powerhouse dinosaurs for the MOD event and VIP point event. So While I am at 1st place, I don’t have the usual power gap I normally have.

I have completed all three battle events I had 11 fights I also have completed all 7 daily missions I’m in first place in dominator league I used 100 of my top dinosaur and roughly 3000 Dino bucks I only have five of my top dinosaur left to battle with looks like I will be waiting on my dinosaurs to recover before I can battle again hopefully I want fall out of dominator league also the only packs I landed on in everything I have played so far on the spin wheel is one common and one rare looks like my bad luck on the spin wheel will continue hopefully everyone else will have better luck on the spin wheel

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Took me awhile and some annoying loses at the lower levels but finally worked up to Dominator. Opponents getting tough for me so leaving it here for now but have plenty unused still once I start to drop. I am probably going to pass on the VIP event but might try to finish the mod one with a better prize. Aquatic was a lot of work for an incredibly lame pack!

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After a day of outrage and complaints back to the things that really matter in life. The result of my first day.

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Yes. Metriaphodons. That’s what matters :rofl:


Do you guys use your Dino bucks to speed up the cool downs once a tournaments rolls around?
I have decent creatures but I always find myself at top ten in predator

I would if I was close at the very end and had reasonable chances of getting into Dominator. I had to spend about 2000 Dinobucks to sneak into Dominator for the Ceratosaurus tournament back in March

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I never do so for tourneys, but occasionally for specific events where I messed up on a battle and simply couldn’t wait to get even. :exploding_head:

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Not sure why Ceratosaurus is highlighted

Not as good as anyone elses result, but this is my first day position

Hoping to finish it Predator this time, but will probably finish in Hunter again, which isn’t so bad

I’ve never used DBs yet, but I would definitely consider it for this one if it looks like I am close at the end. My first couple times that I finished in Dominator I snuck in at the end and finished right at the bottom of the bracket. Hopefully this won’t be that close.

But numbers has never been my issue vs. Dino level. If you have the level needed but just not enough of them I could see using some if it’s an unlock you really want.

Depends on the creature and how close i am. Might do it for this one if it comes to that as it’s a hybrid. I find the Cool down discount on the final hour of a tournament very useful for this.

In my opinion, Dino bucks are better spent hatching more dinosaurs to have a deeper line up than on cooldown speedups.

And honestly, for tournament battles, a stronger line up is a slight disadvantage. Let’s say two level 20 Indominus Rex compared to a level 30. The level 30 is more powerful, but has a longer cool down and costs more to speed up. Where the two level 20’s give you two dinos with shorter and less costly cooldowns/speedups.

Since you get more tournament trophy points by winning more often, a larger deeper line of decent dinos will outmatch a smaller more powerful line up. Also, the harder the match the higher on the 20-40 scale you will win from a match.

So that really strong line up that gives you a sure win at 20pts, versus the weaker line up you can play more often that might yield 30pts can push you ahead quickly.

I liked having 11 level 20 indominus Rex more than 5 level 21’s.

Aside from that, I’m a little sad as I just spent the resources unlocking this dino two weeks ago.

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Normally I wouldn’t suggest it, but I would try using DB on this tournament. Mainly because of how much work is normally needed to unlock this hybrid. And bare in mind, this is a really good hybrid.

So if you can unlock it through this long tournament (flashbacks to Mastodon) then it will save you a lot of time and resources that someone like me had to use to make it normally.

Having said that, sense I already have it. I don’t need to worry about losing Dominator at all.

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That’s exactly why I have no intention on leveling up all these lvl 20 VIPs I have anytime soon. Sure they may not get me to the top of Dominator but ANY finish is better than none at all and so far the depth of my teams seems to be enough to get safely in there as long as I continue to play through the entire tournament.

@Sharpestedge_15g - yup very aware of how good this particular hybrid is and how long it would take me to get it, which is why I’d be more willing to put some DBs into getting it than normal.

Just an FYI,

This dino is a glass cannon. At level 10, it’s 1517 health and 1422 attack for 63,000 DNA a piece. It’s a great hit and run or 3rd dino in a battle. It makes short work of most amphibians.


Agreed, level 20 VIPs are ideal. Along with some other Dino’s I am doing much better than I figured.

OK, I tried a little harder than usual, just in case the weekend’s a busy one.