I wanted this topic give to a Metriaphodon.

This hybrid is still one of top favorite among players and even so, there is many beautiful hybrids like ostapo, indoraptor, armomata, Dracoceratops, yudon, etc, but metriaphodon is still one of most beautiful hybrids in the game and many peoples love him, but why? Why do you love him?

For me it’s not just bec is glass Cannon with great cooldown, who is beast that also can even kill herbivores, but it’s also his appearance is so unique, so beautiful, cool.

And i am happy that metriacantho tournament was early after i started new game and i could get him so “early”

(Only one hybrid, that Can beat him in his beauty appearance is Alloraptor for me - only one hybrid import that i wish with my whole heard)

And what about you?
.why do you love Metriaphodon?


For me, he is a glass cannon I wish to have in my park sooner or later, I personally think he has lovely colour and a nice appearance


Metriaphodon truly lives up to the quote “Like Father, Like Son”
They both look so cool… Well with metriacantosaurus only his max his lvl10,lvl11, and lvl30 looks kinda weird to me

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Yes they do look colourful a max

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I like metriaphodon because it kinda reminded me of the old game when the tourneys hybrids just started to come and the looks and stats are the most awesome part of the creature.
and now…i have it here


There is my boy nicknamed “Strange” after Doctor Strange, keeping him level 11 and is second strongest creature in my team, first is “Black” (Indoraptor) level 1

PS: in my PC I have level 40 metriaphodon as wallpaper

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Level 20 its stronger than tapejalocephalus lv 30


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It wasn’t a flop like Zalmonodon was.

No but really, because it’s only of the best tounrey-hybrid investments (cost vs power). I easily have mine at lvl 20, but pretty much every other tourney hybrid needs to be lvl 30 to be on par or surpass her.


Best ptero to spend your dna on late game and the attack is amazing


My L10 Metriaphodon just 2-shotted a L23 Indominus. 'Nuff said.

World’s worst-timed screenshot not showing this happening :crazy_face: