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Mexican Chicken in Pizza

Haha. Saw this at a local supermarket. And had to take a pix. Poor Mexican Chicken.

But I still :heart_eyes: it.


Point of the post aside, I’m scratching my head over the Tom Yum pizza. How does this even work?

It does have all of its colors.

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Going to need to be a rather buff butcher to process Procera

Not sure. Probably some Tom yum sauce over the pizza. Instead of tomato paste. Maybe.

I wish I could find some chicken pizza where I live.

I don’t like to eat these chickens. The taste instantly distracts you from any thought of food. It totally nullifies the other flavors. It is so bad it evades description


Don’t get me wrong, I love both dishes independently; I’m just having a hard time picturing the two together. I can tell you that where I live, I doubt that pizza would stay stocked for very long. Most people don’t know what Tom Yum is.

No clue what tum yum is.

Yes! Send it our way! Let my monsters acquaint themselves with the taste of this elusive prey! Elusive not because of popularity, but because of its gross inability to die! Most creatures fall to the ground when you stab them! Not this one! What an inferior pinata! What’s the point of walking into an endless storage of chew toys when you can’t chew them? What if you bite into a canteloupe and it only takes 1/3 damage? We would raid the cafeteria!

Comment typed in the voice of Creepio from Auralnauts Star Wars parodies

It’s a Thai soup made with pineapple, lime, chilis, mushrooms, lemongrass and a root called galangal. It is a beautiful blend of sour, sweet, spicy, and savory with some bitter herbal elements to round out the flavor. It beats out pho, chili, filipino menudo, sinigang and ramen for my favorite soup. You have to understand how much I love soups for context of how good Tom Yum is.

I would eat a mexican chicken soup though…

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Fair price?

Singapore supermarket

Yes. You from Singapore :singapore: too?

I’d give it a try.

Yup yes ya

  1. Mmm proceratomimus
  2. Who is this hero who not only slayed proceratomimus but also cut him into eatable pieces
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