Microceratus in Jwa

With Microceratus being including for a small scene in Jurassic World Dominion, I decided to make it in Jurassic World Alive!

(I made this creature to be an event exclusive)

I gave it a very high crit chance to make up for its low attack

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i myself would’ve also loved moros intrepidus
spoiler ig, not very important but don’t want to be rude

that last little clip with moros feeding on some food in the girls hand at the pond was just so adorable, the true chicken sized t-rex, I want one now so badly lol


Yes a Moros would be awesome too!

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Yep i would like moros too. I wonder if it gets a new animation or just the regular Dilophosaurus animation

I’d reduce Armor to 0% or take it to 10%. Crit can go way down too, around 5-10%. Thing can crit more than Trex. I’d increase the damage to around 1200-1300. Health and speed are fine. Alert Surge is fine. I’d trade out Resilient Strike for Resilient Impact or maybe even Resilient Impact and Run. For Resistances, I’d remove the distraction resistance and then up Stun to 75%.

it’s great but two probablys
1 I want it to be a resilient and not a cunning resilient
2 don’t make it a event exclusive we don’t need more event exclusives


if it’s as small as the one we’ve seen in jurassic, maybe a flock?

Buff the stats,change Resilient Strike to something else and nerf crit chance

Moros is actually much bigger (also different in the hasbro toy) so maybe the ones in the movie are juveniles?

How did this post turn from microceratus to moros interpidus?

Give it more attack,lower the crit,remove alert surge and replace it with cunning strike