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Mid Arena "ProceRAThomimus" Infestation

I think Avairy on up, pretty much every team has a Dracoceratops. There is a different rat infestation in the mid level arena where I’m at in Lockdown/Sorna Marshes area.

Of the 6 real players I played today, 5 of the teams has a Procerathomimus. This isn’t a complaint. It’s an observation. I have my Procera on and off my team all the time. None of these teams had a Dracoceratops on them. Miragaia and Sarcorixis is still a staple also but I was running with Dsungaia on my team.

Except for Procera, the teams had a lot of different creatures. It’s not like the upper arena’s where everyone pretty much has all the same stuff with DC. The mid arena’s have a wider variety of creatures. It’s so much better to play in this area now. It’s a lot of fun because I have no idea what might be coming next or what will be swapped in unexpectedly.

Knowing all these different creatures moves, strengths and weaknesses is a plus. My only real problem today was the over leveled, boosted IA. I had my 16-18 non boosted team and get a level 21-22 booted IA. They may need to adjust the AI team levels down a bit.

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Typo found. *Procewrathomimus.


It’s in Aviary and Library as well.

I am pretty much in upper Aviary and I see more DC than I do Mexichicken. I also see some very strange dinos being boosted.

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Is Procerathomimus even good? I never really found her to be fun to play or to use, but then again she isn’t team lvl so idk.

Its everywhere it is in Library too. It’s a boost mascot. It can kill multiple uniques then the player can rat you aswell. It’s real fun battling them :nauseated_face:

Stupid mascot


I’ve only had mine on my second account’s team. I consider it rat bait for my main account team (that just reached Gyrosphere Depot a few minutes ago), so I don’t use it for arena battles. I did use it for today’s 10-step epic strike though. I wanted the immunity and distraction. It’s level 28.

She is good enough to take out uniques easily. I have a level 20 Mexichicken and she can take out level 27 dinos

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With the turtle being Novembers daily reward, that picture is exactly what the lower and mid arenas are going to turn into… Chicken-Turtle fights. Unlucky for my opponents, I’m not only going to have Carbone, but I will have Carboceratops, hopefully by the end of the week here. Also my Carbone is going to be bigger! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s nice good luck with the fuses too. I’m hoping a Nasuto event will come up soon myself :slight_smile:

As I don’t really have much of it and sanctuary is slow going for it when I have to do other dinos in there too heh. My carbonemys is lvl 20 and carbotops lvl 17. Need Nasuto Ludia!

This is a problem lol. It’s not nice that such an easy dino can just kill almost everything. It destroys variety in the game. The balance is close to being good in the game except for 3 creatures. Rat, rat jr, and procerat.

But where would Ludia be without there mascots.


I don’t get what the big deal is with Yoshi…they seriously dropped it’s worth by nerfing it and mine is lvl 21 and dies off 5 out of 6 times I use it…it only have one teir attack and one teir speed and the bird is virtually useless now…it’s not my fav anymore… especially now that they cut back all it’s known good quality…a Draco normally takes it out in one pass right after it received it’s first attack from something elts…this is just my opinion others may feel different

I still say Mexichicken is a lesser problem than the Rat. I see more of them in Aviary than anything. Granted most of them are lightly boosted

Thor loves her Mexichicken tender and spicy rat nugget.:yum:

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I use it on both my teams, but it was useless in the strike tower today

Glad you brought that up…it’s a weird grey area…if we use say one teir boost to get us the advantage in strike events ( since there is no boost ai there ) however this now puts us in the arena with boosted players …so it’s a catch 22…after the boost change I should have stayed boost free but I liked the rewards off strike more than most epic areana incubator…but I guess one can’t be dominated in both areas lol