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Mid-level players (creature level 11-18)

I think that this is really annoying for many mid level players like me. In arenas for me cunning’s are super common, especially raptors. Now my Suchotator handles them decently, but after killing them if he even is able to do that, as most people just swap in a sino or wooly rhino and kill me, my Suchotator has so little health that it’ll die if you breath on it. My level 18 indo has a hard time too! A legendary can kill an over leveled common that you get at THE START OF THE GAME. Anyways, please tell me if you have these problems.


I use my velociraptor lvl 20​:joy::joy::joy::joy: in aviary

What exactly is the problem here?

The most you can ask for is a level cap on lower arenas (I’ve been pushing for this for a while), but if you see loads of cunning creatures you should adapt a bit too :wink:. Expect to lose a creature after it gets a takedown to a second cunning because cunning’s role is often to revenge kill slower creatures who’ve been chipped down. Maybe add some no escapes to block swaps and you’ll be well insulated against common cunning creatures.

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suchotator, while can be used to take down cunnings, is better as a bleeder. i would try running some better resilent creatures. by completing your daily missions you can get carbonemys really easy. (if you’ve done the dailies since carbo has been the reward, you’d end up with 3K dna at the end.)

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Any creature with an instant shield move will obliterate raptors, as for wooly and sino you’ll wanna save your fierce and sucotator to counter them.

Also keep track of what dinos are sent out first, when i was that level a few months ago it was always raptors so I’d start with resils for easy kills.

Also back when i was that level Carbonemys and Spinotahraptor were the heavy carries for my team so id recommend grabbing em

Ok I get what you’re trying to say, but I don’t mean deltas Charlies and blues. I mean common raptor, as people can put speed boosts on it to make it the speed of light, resilients don’t spawn near my zone, and most of the time they use high pounce followed by a swap to sino or einosuchus. In fact I have two well leveled resiliants on my team, but when I do get them on my battle group the enemy has a level 20 allosino, indo, or Rex.

Sinoceratops or dracorex both dumpster common raptor. Swap in → click buttons (dig in T1 for sino to avoid the pounce). There’s many ways to deal with common raptor since it has very low hp

Aren’t Resilients everywhere? What zone are you in anyway? Einiosaurus spawns at dawn and dusk everywhere, so you could get your own Einiasuchus that way.

Einosuchus has very little attack and isn’t worth thousands of coins. It’s health is a bit lackluster as well. My creature with the lowest health is alloraptor but then it makes sense.

Also, if they don’t have a raptor on their team then they have a level 20 indominus that wipes my entire team, because I didn’t get my sino or alloraptor

While it’s stats aren’t good, swap-in stunning strike destroys raptors. You can swap in while doing damage, stun them, and then kill them in the next hit. Even if they don’t get stunned they’re probably dead if they don’t swap out. And it’s useful against more than just raptors too, you can use it to snipe anything that’s faster than your team or you can swap to it to get out of a bad matchup to set up your next dino.

There are other Resilients too, I just brought up one of the easiest ones to get. Mammotherium kills raptors in one hit and Indominus too, and you can get a lot of its DNA through raids.

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Oh! And one more thing. Almost every time I don’t get my resiliants, the enemy has blue, the most annoying of the raptors, at level 15.

How am I gonna get Mammotherium if woolly rhino is scarce and you can only be successful in legendary raids if you have level 20 creatures, a full team, and great creatures?

therium doesnt use rhino.

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Thanks, I just went check the same thing. But my point still stands. Even Elasmotherium is scarce here and then add in that it’s a rare and mine’s only level 6 with only about 200 dna!

so you don’t want to use whats easily accessible because “its trash” but also still want to complain about the same situation which could be mitigated by using said “trash” creatures

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By the way, there’s a mammotherium strat with VERY low level creatures. All lower than 13.


That isn’t true.

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The Wooley Rhino on my alt thinks Raptors are tasty.
Seriously, my alt has been play 1.5 weeks, is at level 10, 2523 trophies and has a level 15 Rhino that can one-shot some Raptors on a swap-in and can reliably one-shot any Raptor (Charlie, Blue included) on the Resilient attack. Carbonemys is also a pain for my raptor opponents.