Mid-patch balance update?

Right now, we’re getting one massive patch about every two months. I suggest a midway balance patch that only includes stat adjustments and moveset tweaks to ensure no dinos are over/underperforming drastically for a full 2 months.
Between the current patches the meta stays roughly the same for it’s entirety which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it also means that if a certain dino gets nerfed into oblivion it is essentially unusable for a minimum 2 months.
If we could have a balance update about a month after the big patches, so around a month into it, it could help ease some of the problems and complaints after some of the patches.
For example, Monomimus just received the biggest HP nerf I’ve ever seen, and many are thinking it may make him unplayable. For many who invested loads of DNA and coins into him, this seems unfair, so regular balance patches could help alleviate some of these complaints as well. (For the record, I despise Monomimus and hate fighting against him, but he is also on my team so I have very mixed feelings about the nerf😂)

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