Might have just met someone trying to drop arenas


Arena 7: Sorna Marshes.

Either it’s someone trying to drop to a lower Arena or Ludia have heard our pleas and adjusted their bots (a bit too much though!).

Lv2 Sarcosuchus

Lv1 Purrusaurus

Lv1 Diplocaulus


It’s fake news!

But seriously, that is indeed weird :smiley:


Same thing happened to me, just met someone in arena 6 using a raptor squad who weren’t that high in level but all he did was strike. I’ve come across bots and pretty sure he wasn’t one, I just assumed he purposely lost to drop down arenas and lay hell on the noobs :joy:


Yeah, those guys look like drop downs to me. Probably going back to a spot they’re more comfortable with.


This is my drop down team at the moment. I’m going back to arena 1 to power up indominus. If you see me (DJDJ) and my force…wipe me out!!


From a noobs perspective this ruins the game. I’m tired of facing level twelve trex against lvl 5 stego.


Thats kinda weird… I was curious one day about what would happen if i threw my weakest dinos into the 3 star arena. I had from lvl 1 to lvl 4 dinos and was matched with lower level dinos… Not sure how that works lol


Has anyone came across me in pvp? “BriggzGaming”


there is literally zero incentive to drop arenas…


It decreases the pool of possible battle incubator dinosaurs. Some people just want the the dinosaurs from the lower Arena incubators, not the later ones, so this helps.


I’m in 7 as well and am considering dropping back down to 1. But for me, it’s not to destroy new players. It’s because I’ve got a lot of neat dinosaurs I wanna battle with. They would get destroyed in the higher arenas.


Way to much work for me, I’d have to drop 3.7 to the destinatiated lower arena of choice. Thing is it might make your pool of options thinner but you get less DNA too. Saving cash to rinse through arena 7 incubators can be a pain but also awarding Like scoring 100+ Rex or pyro dna. Most of my Rex dna from high incubators from arena 7 and wild hunts. None the less lvl 20 indom, have not dropped once. Plus got enough pyro to knock it up to lvl 18


All in all this game based on a lot of RNG, so I go for the larger DNA impacts on my Dino’s. To create a wider spread and smoother transitioning to get my Dino’s to the the lvl I need to compete in arena 7 with a larger selection to choose. Not only that your also gaining lvl’s quicker from the high DNA combinations your collecting.


I think I ran across someone trying to drop levels. They kept pretending to be a bot (only using basic strikes, letting the timer go down), but there were a few times where the temptation to use high powered attacks was too great, and they started spamming pounce, switching to higher powered dinos - you know, the exact opposite of typical bot behavior.

It wasn’t so much annoying as it was funny. “Nothing to see here, I’m just a bot…” LOL


There’s “literally” plenty of reasons. You get anywhere near the top 500 and have fun constantly facing lvl 30 bots. I’m working on dropping 1000 trophies or so. And ya know, people want different incubators.


Been past top 500 for 2.5 weeks now sure they show but I have not got them to the point it’s a Constant situation. Plus you have to understand your in top 500, thus it’s pulling players around your trophy sum. Which thins out farther you go. Only join q waiting for a match like 10 seconds. If no one joins leave. Losing to actual players 2 times on a row drops you into bot Q till the bots beaten. Lvl of the bot can drop or dinosaurs going down tier rate from losing to these bots until you win. Then your back in player Q


I’ve purposely dropped in arena before but I used current Dinos, just did minimal attacks. It’s because in any arena level you’ve got a better chance of getting the epic dinosaur associated with that arena level than other epics. At least that’s what I thought.


Elevator going down. :crazy_face:


Anyone that drops levels to have an unfair advantage is scum. If you can’t win fair than you clearly need to work harder


Today may go down as my worse battle day in history. Some bots, yes, and a good many of those I can beat, but the majority seem like Arena 7 people coming downstairs to thwart us arena 6 peeps. Legendaries, high levels but not the crazy high bot levels. Strategic moves that I don’t even know are coming because it’s a new-to-me dino opponent and I’m hurriedly trying to read their bio card between moves. Some very cool dinos, but ruthless killers. LOL Over 200 trophies gone because I just can’t quit and call it a day.

This game is so addictive. :joy: