Might have the weakest team to ever make the top 500

Somehow I went on like an 8 battle winning streak today and ended up in the rankings. Funny thing is, I have not leveled up a single dino in over a month. I decided to wait and see what the next update would being before sinking any more coins into dinos that could get the shaft.


thats not a weak team man. congrats on making it to the top 500

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It’s because of the Megalo :wink:
My fav creature in the game lol


Well was pretty surprised. I checked the teams around me and quite a few teams with 3-4 Uniques and Level 26+ Stegodeus. I like Megalosaurus, she has snagged quite a few victories from players who got a bit too greedy. They go for the cheap kill shot with their minimum strike only to get killed by the counter of the swapped in Megaosuchus. Haha


yeah counterstrike kills rock lol.

I think u have a pretty good team with Indoraptor and Monomimus giving added benefit.

My team below when I was in Top 500 during Tourney 1.

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That is a nice mix of Dinos. Diloranosaurus used to be ridiculous. I created her just before she got nerfed and I almost felt bad battling a team that didn’t have her. Haha

Yeah. Now, getting Dilocherius is so difficult.
If you can put some more efforts on Stegodeus and Indoraptor, your team should be soaring through the ranks!
Congrats on getting in the leaderboard.

I see teams just like that in the 4200-4400 range all the time, so you must be playing your tail off to make it on the board. Well done.

You have to remember all teams are improving all the time. So a team that makes top 300 tournament 1 will struggle to be top 500 by tournament 2 without upgrading. The numbers are hypothetical / irrelevant but the concept is solid. Great job guys. Maybe I’ll start leveling my Megalosuchus again as I was considering throwing my DNA into Gorgosuchus instead.

I finished the last tournament at 4507 and that was pretty high for me. I have been hovering between 4450-4700 for the past month without upgrading any dinos. But for some reason yesterday I couldn’t lose. My Tryostronix destroyed a few teams that were lacking in speed. I also got to sneak in a RTC with Pyrritator when someone tried the Instant Invicability with Rajakylosaurus. Rarely work but it’s especially satisfying Haha.


“Naming and shaming is not aloud.” That’s what I get when I post a pic of my team lol

The way you beat my team two days ago (I keep a battle log) I’m not surprised :laughing:


I think that was me you know! I insta a raja and then pyri did that and i was Ooo hell no xD