Might make a change in resource tactics

As a non VIP player i have just about always valued LPs above all and fairly equal to DBs.

Over the last several months I have been saving LPs for an unknown future LP pack discount and have built up a small stock of LPs. I spend a few here and there in the TH on things I don’t have unlocked and sometimes aquatic hybrids but other than that they keep stacking up.

Normally I take just about any trade from the TH that nets me LPs but I am thinking I am going to stop accepting DNA → LP trades. LPs are great, they get me VIP creatures which are great but in the end I need a lot of DNA for the top tier hybrids and trading 1000’s in DNA away for typically around half as many LPs is not helping that cause.

DNA is fairly easy to get but it is even easier to spend.

This should not hurt my LP earnings too bad as there are still all the other resources and methods of gaining LPs.

Hopefully this is will help my DNA stash a bit in the long run, time will tell.