Might Need Help With Team


Thanks to a 24hr Incubator, I’ve become a proud yet very confused owner of three rare dinos, one of which I have yet to find in the wild: the Argentinosaurus, and its cousin the Apatasaurus. Neither I have found in the wild, but I have come across Dimetrodon and Gorgosaurus on my local flight paths. Now I have all these powerful dinos with no clue who to use. Just an fyi, I’m still in the Fallen Kingdom Arena, now woth a 400+ rank and I think I’m doing good…provided I’m not getting overwhelmed by an OP foe (meaning their dinos are Lv10 and seem to have all the bulk in the world).

I know there’s gotta be a good bunch of battlers out there that have figured out how these dinos tick, and I’d like some suggestions.

Here is my team and what I have in my Collection:

Again, I haven’t found any Long Necks or even the “fearhered mini-rex”, but everyone else is fair game.


Congratulations on your 24-hour incubator, especially at such a low level! Most of us haven’t even seen one yet!

The long-necks are big spawners around parks (the green territory on the map). They spawn frequently during the day, but may compete for the spawn spots with various hadrosaurs and others. Keep passing by, though, and you’ll get 'em eventually! :slight_smile:

Argentinosaurus is a good candidate for your roster, and as a general rule you’ll want to have a mix of speed, heavy damage, and tankiness but as you level up the lower-leveled dinos just won’t cut it.

I’d replace the Ankylosaur with the Argentinosaurus, since you already have armored support and the Anky-tank is just a tiny little guy, and the Majungasaurus can replace the Suchomimus; you’ll have fun experimenting with Counter-strike if you need to switch in a dino in a close but losing battle. Dimetrodon and Gorgosaurus are great to have early on, and the Raptor will be a solid friend until mid-arena, just as the Stego will be a friend to slap the Raptors around until it succumbs to level and power differences.

Congrats again, and good luck!


It’s that rare, huh? I still have no clue how I got it either.

Okay so they like parks, huh? I’ll have to Google some local parks then and take a look.

I will definetly give Tino a try (Argentinosaurus). I think for my team, I’m going by what spawns more versus what the dino can do, though I’ve had good luck with Anky. I would love to bring Maju back into the battlefield, but I don’t see and Majungasauruses much; I actually find Suchomises quite frequently, and his Wounding Strike has come in very handy. Gory (Gorgosaurus) I’m surprised actually spawns more than Majungasaurus. I’ll even see Allos on occasion.

Dimetrodon seems to do a good job of replacing Nundasuchas, though I do miss my girl, lol. I’ve seen him spawn here and there, but Nundasuchas seems to have unlucky spawn spots. Stego, Einio, and Euo seem to be quite frequent, so I plan on keeping them around. Tany and Velociraptor tend to pop up here and there, but I see for Velociraptors over Tanys, and holy crap I’m having battles where my raptor has come through really well; my dinos keep surprising me, lol! Actually, I’ve seen two of those Hybrids running around, but only once; they seem to like the night.

What do you mean by “mid-arena” though? How many arenas are there?


I’ve seen 3-4 24 hour incubators and the are awesome I get 8 hour incubators twice a day now and a 12 hour every two days (roughly) a 24 hour I’ve basically got 1 a week now for 3-4 weeks I’m almost done lockdown 3 silver stars at 2900 points but I’ve been here since the beta . Your doing good keep at it I play a lot tho here’s a pic to show what I’ve done after 4 weeks roughly! I’m leveling everyone that is eligible for hybrids or are my heavy hitters tomorrow adding 80$ and buying 500,000 coins



Sorry they didn’t load in order but that’s what I’ve got in 4 weeks roughly maybe a bit longer but you’ll climb fast depending on what you do with the game /“, DNA hunting and adding coins to level once you get higher it’s really something you have to do or wait it out collect coins over time . Best of luck (also I have other Dino’s collected DNA for that that I have



Hello! First off you should add that nundasuchus to your team, she does amazing damage. I’d replace her for the ankylosaurus, for instance. Then you should add one or even both long necks to your team. You have them high level and they are rather useful. Maybe sacrifice the suchomimus and einiosaurus for them. To be honest, suchomimus is a bit useless, I used to love it when I was low level because bleed effect sounded nice, but her damage is just too low and really not worth it. Apatosaurus instead is nice, she can take lots of damage and the speed reducing attack is really useful. Should serve you well.

As for the rest of your collection, parasaurolophus and tanycolagreus are good but maybe too low level for now. If you level them up, you could consider adding them.

Last piece of advice, don’t level nundasuchus or einiosaurus over lvl 5, after that point you should collect their dna and use it for their hybrid einiasuchus which is rather amazing


I’ll echo this, and add Majungasaurus.

Collect as much Nundasuchus DNA as possible, you need it for two of the easier hybrids and both hybrids are worthwhile; they make Einiosuchus and Majungasuchus. Majungasuchus is basically a solid upgrade on Majungasaurus (who spawns frequently at night, which might be why you don’t see them often - look for them around 9:00pm and later local time), and its Cleanse attack, which removes all debuffs and does 1.5x damage, is just downright snazzy against anyone who thinks they can debuff and corner you. Einiosuchus is arguably even better, being a fast, high-damage armored pick (even if it looks like some kind of prehistoric zergling to me).

As for “mid-arena,” there are 7 arenas total. Mid-arena is 3,4, and I’m guessing 5 (as I’m not quite that far yet).


Lots of good feedback I’m getting. But Dimetrodon has taken over Nunda’s position, and taking out AnkyGen2 and replacing him with Argetinosaurus has really helped a lot. Thanks to today’s bit of hunting, I was able to get a few members up a level. However, I found I can make a Hybrid:

Not sure if I should go for it now or wait and collect more DNA first. 'Cause honestly, my Einiosaurus has gotten better.


Your Einiasuchus will begin at level 6 as all rares do. It’s definitely worthwhile to plug all your DNA into it instead of Nunda or Einia :slight_smile:

OH WAIT, WORD OF WARNING: Something that doesn’t get mentioned is that for every 50 DNA you plug into making Einiasuchus will yield only 10-50 DNA toward the completed Dino. You’ll need exorbitant amounts of DNA to make and level her, but she is worthwhile, I promise. And keep catching all the Nundasuchus and Einiasauruses you come across!


No, really, go ahead and make the hybrid. Einiosaurus isn’t really worth it at all, and Einiasuchus is seriously amazing. She is currently my highest level dinosaur because I’m spending my coin on her, she really is something and has won so many battles for me on both low and high level arenas!


Yeah I’ve found that out with all my Rares. But I’m curious since I found a Wild T-Rex, what level do Epics start at?


they start at level 11 :3


Aww, but mine’s been so good to me! Seriously, she takes hits pretty well. But I’ll still go for the Hybrid, don’t get me wrong. How do Hybrids work? Like is that all you do is level up the “fusable” dinos and put it towards the Hybrid? I’ve found them wild too, especially this particular hellspawn…at 10:30 at night. Same with Suchotator, but then the GPS kicked in.


Noice! Oh if I can find the T-Rex’s spawning grounds…I’ll be the next asshole in my arena, and then promptly tape tnt to my phone when it’s OHKO by a Velociraptor XD


Yes, I know the feeling. When I had to drop my tarbosaurus in favor of the T-Rex I was pretty sad. But that’s how it works…

Well, every time you fuse 50 Einiosaurus DNA with 50 Nundasuchus DNA, you get some Einiasuchus DNA. The amount you get varies from 10 DNA to 100 DNA, usually it’s only about 10-20 DNA every time you fuse. It can be annoying but not as terrible as it sounds. And yes, they spawn in the wild too, which can help getting more DNA. Though I myself have never seen an Einiasuchus in the wild, that’s my luck :<

As for the Suchotator, it’s a really bad dinosaur, don’t bother with it tbh


… I liked my Tarby so much she fights alongside my T-Rex… She’s a nasty surprise for opposing rexes, and not that much friendlier to anyone else when they BOTH chew through tanks like they were gum. :wink:


I felt that way dropping my Majungasaurus. Too bad they only appear at night.

Ah, okay, so I’ll stick to collecting as much DNA as I can and level them both up. I found a ton of those plus Stegos, Euos, Suchomimuses, and a few others where my friend lives today. I do find them locally, but, when you live in country-like towns…yeah, you’re screwed. Didn’t even see a long neck today.

Is he reallt that bad? Eh, I may still get him just for satisfaction, y’know? I dunno what it is, but I love the Spinosaurs (even though they lack spines, I really like the Irritator).


Really? What arena are you on currently? I’m just not so fond of tyrannosaurus-like dinos, to be honest, so I’m kind of terrified to get both of them on my team at the same time. And tarbosaurus’s problem is she can’t destroy shields, that’s why I’m using Rex instead, but I really do miss her…


Hahaha, nice! I love it when dinos pull through like that.


Anyway, take a look at this. Obviously the stats are crazy high because she is level 15, but if you only look at the abilities you realize she is really worth it. It’s a screenshot of my Einiasuchus. She can even do a good amount of damage to a velocirraptor. She can easily take care of a tyrannosaurus, and will beat most tanks, so I love to use her as an opener.