Mighty Foe


What do we fight against here?


Should be the usual Argentinosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Giraffatitan/Brachiosaurus.

That’s the standard for the “Good Defense” Strike Towers.


I fought a banana. 202020


Just one dino lvl 22 Brachiosaurus. Killed it with a tryo.

Got 370 giraffatitan, 306 amargasaurus, 3406 apatosaurus


Level 22 brachiosaurus
It’s really quite manageable…
Superiority strike and Bellow are the main things you gotta watch out for.

Any mid/high level immune and armor/defense shattering dino should do you just fine.

I got 3k+ cash, a ton of apatosaurus and a bunch of amargo and giraffititan dna. I used only a level 20 indominus, with cloak/rampage/impact.


I’m only level 12, and this is what I can choose between

Which four should I Go for?


I rex, gorgo, posti, stegod


Bananas are magical. Can’t wait to peel a cool one later tonight