Migration 1.8

I’ve seen 2 epic Erlikosarus in zone 2 since patch cant stress how rare it is for me to see them. One in a residential zone one when I used a common scent at home. Also getting in zone 2 Brontotherium spawning wild and with common scent.

Assuming the official(metahub :slight_smile: ) spawns aren’t out yet? Anything unusual suggesting migration to other people.

I’ve seen Bronto in L4 today as well.


Metahub won’t upload,but you can see the changes here


I’m sad about the Giraffatitan loss, I JUST moved to L4, so I was hoping to make Nodopatotitan over time. But I guess having Kentro back after leaving L1 is good too.

Any1 know if quetz still park?

Got 2 in a park since patch.

Ah nice i’m L2, happy to hear about Erliko.

well i live in L2 too …
Im a bit sad to loose brachiosaurus since we will need it for the new unique and since cloak got a nerf,is erli still worth it??

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Erlidom is still super good. Still high damage and does not need to rely on cloak. Ohh and it can still one shot dracocera :smiley: so that is a plus


I’ve still seen Giraffatitan in L4 (with rare scent), but I’m appreciating the Argentinosaurus.

AHHHH!!! Local 3 lost Tuojiangosaurus?! Are you kidding me?! That’s what made me happy to be in L3 all this time!

I ain’t crying over Sino, cause I only saw it once when it was there, so it’s like it wasn’t even there to begin with.
And I suppose I could use more Megalosaurus… maybe I can level up Megalosuchus…
I don’t care for Koola very much; I only wanted it just to create the hybrid, and when I got it, I was satisfied.

But Tuo was what made me happier about hunting in that spot. I want to level up Tuoramoloch, and I can’t do that without a steady source of DNA.

We have the Sanctuaries, but we don’t know how much DNA that could haul in… I can’t really count on Alliances, since nearly all DNA is precious now… Darting the straight out was the only way for me to get them en mass… Now I want to be in a different local now. Thanks :expressionless::tired_face: