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Migration changes?

What have you guys noticed around you?

I’m in L2, usually I have Einiosaurus spawning, but right now the only difference I see is a couple of Suchos outside my border.

I decided to throw open a 5 minute scent to see what that brings… it gave me… 3 Tarbos… I mean come on!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What area are you ?

I got Deino in L4, and a 5 minute scent didn’t spawn any Suchomimus, which almost gave me a heart attack since they were the pest of L4.

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Still have Deino, Majunga and Dime spawning like crazy including from 5 min scent.

I’m in L2.

I’m getting majunga and suchomimus in L1

Im in L4 and theres a Sino

I’m in area 3 and I see Deinocheirus and Sino


The game isn’t ready for me yet so I don’t know what’s in L3

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My game didn’t finish with maintenance ._.

Ran a 5 min scent in zone 1 and got 2 Allo and a Concave…

allosaurus in L1

I’ll miss allo in zone 3

I got Allo in L2, but I used to get them before anyway.

I still see Allo in L3. I think a lot of things went global. But we are getting the code for it right now to confirm.


I still see triko Gen 2 in L3

:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: ???

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Diplo still L3.

My map is totally empty just 1 sucho L2…

So seems not a widespread migration, just little changes.