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Migration coming anytime soon?

Is there ever going to be a migration? Been more or less the same junk where I live(zone 1) for over 6 months. And by migration I mean completely changing up, not moving the only spawn I cared about(erlikosaurus) to the already way too good zone 2.

December 8th :smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a major migration. Usually just a handful of dinos trade spots. That’s about it.

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The common junk has never migrated. All you can do is cross your fingers for the next patch, but I doubt it.

They should have a monthly migration, make the zones change by migrating right and down, then right and down again on the grid. This would ensure each zone cycles through all 4 types.

Long time ago lythronax was replaced in zone 1 with majun. That was an exciting time!

I remember in the past there was stegosaurus and dracorex gen 2, but that was a year ago at least.