Migration happening?!?

This is what i saw from my house in zone 4. A “new” dinosaur in this area?!?

Unless you see multiple I doubt it could just be a random spawn :woman_shrugging:

I’m also in zone 4 and had one spawn last night. That would be a helluva coincidence…

There round here constantly. What zone would that Make this ?

You’re welcome to those Purussaurus, they’ve been a right royal pain in Zone 1. Enjoy!


Darted a Deinoheirus and a Dimetrodon in L4 today. They’re L2 spawns. So something could be happening, but, as @Mega said, unless we see multiple spawns, it may be a coincidence.

If I never see another of those and Lythronax, it would be too soon.


I don’t think so, I’m in region 1 and I’m still seeing Lythronax and Purussaurus gen 2.


I’m in zone 1 also and did wish them away, sorry it may have worked? Kidding of course, maybe because there are so many in zone 1 they decided to spread out.

I am in zone three which is a horrible zone to be in. Every now and then I will see a dinosaur that doesn’t belong here. However, that happens so few and far between. Believe me, I’m ready for migration. It cannot happen soon enough. It has not happened yet though

Just get the tric gen 2 and diplo out of L3!!! We’ve had enough of them! Get us some fusing dinos like para or sucho!

FYI, that’s not a dinosaur.

God I HOPE a migration is happening. I DON’T want lythronax, Purussaurus gen 2, Dracorex gen 2 ALL THE TIME.
Edit: all 3 of the dinos I said are getting hybrids :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I have been seeing more L1 spawns in my L4 hunting grounds lately. L1 is about a mile down the road, at a grocery store. I hunt for an hour or two when I go shopping there. They started showing up just after Iguanodon started to sparsely spawn in L4.

My hunting grounds border L3, I can get a few random spawns coming up a few blocks into my zone pretty regularly. I had never seen any L1’s here before.

It does appear to me that spawns are mixing a little. I enjoy the new varieties.

I got a dilophosaurus today at home. Never seen one here. Ever. Hope it’s the beginning of a migration and not just a random spawn.

I remember when @TyrannosaurusLex ran into a bunch of t rexes in one day …

Maybe it’s your name that’s attracting them to you? :wink::slight_smile:

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I run into a bunch of rexes everyday.

I also seen a Concaventor today, actually two. And I’ve never seen one before. I gotta say … the resemblance between this dinosaur and Rango is uncanny. I also don’t know what zone I am in, so there’s that.

Tag you’re it… they’re all yours now :raised_hands:t4: