Migration has finally happened?


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the migration that was mentioned for a while might have finally happened. I’m at work, and I just saw a parasuralophous, which I’ve never seen a single time at work because it’s not in this zone.

But I noticed it a little after 10 a.m. EDT, and not long after my game just needed an update. And that makes sense because all of the game’s major updates usually happen at 10 a.m. EDT.

Does anyone know about this?


I don’t see any change.
Parasaurolophus can spawn near banks too. It’s maybe the case for you.
And remember, any dino can spawn anywhere, it’s just unlikely.
If you start to see multiple of them, at multiples spawn points my answer would be different.

For reference :


Makes sense thanks. I’ll keep an eye out and post something if I see more of them


Anything can spawn anywhere occasionally.

Be interested if Metahub observe nest spawns or extract data from files. Because I haven’t seen evidence at the near school, gas station, hospital or hair dresser.


I have actually seen lots of Kapras at a hospital near us, and I remember seeing a Secodonta at a hair salon. The others I havent seen evidence


I work next to two gas stations i can launch at…i see nest spawns their all the time. I also work at a restaurant and their nest spawns out spawn the local zone spawns…


My bad when I said “I havent seen evidence of the others” I just meant the others that David was referring to (school and gas station).

That’s good to know though Evicton. I definitely see T Rexes at restaurants all the time, and the other nest spawns seem to make sense also.


Just me then losing out. That’s annoying.


Was going to mention something like this a couple days ago when I found a parasaurolophus in Z1 and yesterday I found a gorgosaurus in Z1 :man_shrugging:t3:


I’m guessing maybe it has something to do with the game officially recognizing some of these places as restaurants, hospitals, etc. Theres probably a file or database with all the recognized locations


If I search Google maps they are located. Game is built on Google maps.

Z1 today had its 3 local commons.
Euoplocephalus, Lythronax, Purrusaurus Gen 2. Non event Megalosaurus (3 today),Dilophosaurus( 1 today), Edmontosaurus(3 yesterday)

All normal other than I rarely see the Dilophos.

Ive seen almost all z2 in z2 today(red) or yesterday(yellow).


I am in L4, but I darted an Ouranosauros today. They are supposed to be L2 and bank spawns, so I had not seen one in more than two months… I also darted a Sarcosuchus! They used to be real pests, but have totally disappeared since the launch of version 1.3. Darted him because I was kind of nostalgic…


I think so too. Never ever met a suchomimus where I’m staying and there was one today.


Any dino has a small chance at spawning in any zone. A single out of place dino isnt enough to say its anything other then that yet.

All i see in my local 1 is lythronax and euphlos today.


Just darted a Secodontosaurus, an L2 spawn, in L4. That makes 2 L2 epics and 1 L2 common in an L4 zone today!


Wondering if they didnt increase the chance of out of zone spawns… sure would be a nice change. I walked through an l1 and l2 today and everything was normal.


Yea, no creature migration, but I have see out of zone things popping up on rare occasion both here at home and work. I’m so use to seeing only certain things all the time that when something different pops up I instantly notice the dino being out of place.


Darted 5 Nodopatosaurus in the last 2 days. Very odd