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Migration? Local change? Fluke?

My game rebooted. I’m suddenly surrounded by iguanadons… In Local 4…
This morning I had Paras out the wazoo.
This afternoon I see numerous iguanadons.
Anyone else notice a change today or is it just me?


found an allo in local 3.

Yes, in last hour I started to believe allosaurus were migrated to L3

My local ones seems normal

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Saw Iguanodon in zone 4 as well.

I’m at work. I’m here everyday for 8-10 hours and have NEVER seen a single iguanadon let alone 5. Lol. Maybe I’m just hopeful for some changes.

Yayy!!! Hope it’s a migration. Sick of seeing Iguanadons and Diplocaulus (I am in L3) :expressionless:


This was a typical morning…

Also, I’m seeing Triceratops Gen 2 in zone 3 AND 4 as of an hour ago. Can also confirm that the “beloved” Koolasuchus is still plaguing Zone 4.

Currently in Zone 4 and all I am seeing is Suchomimus and an occasional Allosaurus!

No difference for me yet, but here’s to hoping!!!

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Seeing loads of allosaur in my L3 too!

Now I have a chomper… Lol… I get that he’s a global spawn, but could I please request a Kapro if I’m going to suddenly get global spawns

in my little work circle!!

Are those seeing changes android or iOS?

Ophiacodon in daylight, almost zero Stegosaurus or Suchomimus anywhere, and a LOT less Lythronax in my area (My 4 borders a 1 and 3 very closely).

I think this is coincidental as everything else seems normal elsewhere.

I’m on iOS

saw anky gen2 at day time

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Android here

Hmm both android and iOS. Ill keep checking! Maybe its regional or something.