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Migration - Patch Update Rant

Dear Ludia and my bloodpressure…

Ok folks if you are in Area 4 you will want to dig in with this rant if you feel the hate…


We are EXTREMELY limited to decent dinos. Most of them are none existent and really never spawn cough Ankylosaraus and Gorgosuchus…

Now they trade what was once our cream of the pie Dino, Allosaurus, with a damn Iguandon, and to add insult to injury the Iguandon also replaces about 50-75% of the Velcoraptors at night!

Iguandon is as you know worthless. Allo could not only hold his own at higher levels but he is also a fuse to legendary… What is the trade off here? Area 4 is already a horrible area to be in, with limited viable dinos. I am infuriated that this is what they count as balance in this game.


Agree. I am in L4. Full of Iguanodons at all times.

Not only we lost Allo but Apato is also missing from the map. Stegosaurus has become distinct as well.

Wow, complain some more? Some people have lived last months with diplocaulus and iguanodon. It was about time they got useful common dinosaur!


You still have para… as a common to fuse into multiple hybrids… l3 literally had 3 trash common… no useable ones at all…

if they replaced your para with trike gen 2… and replaced ankly with erlick… you haved have a decent feeling of what l3 players have been playing for months…

Point is youre still better off without allo, then l3 players were before the swap.

Hands down, everyone knows L3 is by far the worst. Even with the addition of allo, it’s still the worst local. We had iguanadon for months and had to deal. You’ve only had him for a few days. I truly am sorry for your loss though, but I won’t miss old guany. We in L3 have dreamed to have a local as good as 1…2…or 4.


You came into this thread knowing it was a rant. So yea I will continue to do so as per the subject I created. Thank you.

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That’s not even half of our L3 players faced for all these months lol.

Interesting. When we were complaining, did you even care?


What Anky? Only ever seen it once.

You guys at least get Erik to pop, and then you have 2x Spinos, Gorgo, and the Toujian makes two uniques. Ha. I will take it!

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That’s not true.
Erliko is still really rare, not more than Ankylo in L4.
And that fusing ingredients come with Tuojiang are all in L4.:rofl:

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On the plus side, this does mean I can collect Allo at work now. :grin:

I’m not all that bothered about the change to be honest, yes the Iguanadon spawn frequency could be adjusted but I’m honestly quite tempted to level mine up and make use of it’s SIA. It was a toss up between Iguanadon and Tenontosaurus, with my initial choice being the latter. However since the former is more abundant now, the temptation for arena shenanigans with a “useless” common is quite high. :joy:

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I don’t get the apatosaurus change, from day to dusk and dawn Lol Maybe to cut down on future stegodeuses?


What’s the point of this small change?
How about an actual migration instead!

How many players need to voice this same sentiment over and over again before developers realize what they should be doing instead?

Get off your :horse: Ludia


Hey, Ludia! How about increasing the spawns of the dinos by a tad? I don’t live in Zone 1 or 4 but I spend most of my time hunting there and I can count on one hand the number of times Ankylosaurus makes her appearance even after I let off epic scent capsules at a car repair place

While we are on that note, please make a great Unique for Koolasuchus. You seem to like shoving that nightmare of a ghoulish creature with its perpetual Cheshire toothy grin down our throats


I think Ankylosaurus might have gone extinct for a second time.

On the upside, I noticed a bug with the epic scent capsule where if you don’t dart the first dino that spawn right away and instead click on something else first, that first dino will change to something else. Last time I did that a Koola turned into a Giraffatitan, maybe one of these days she will turn into Ankylosaurus :rofl:

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I have noticed something similar too, i had a double spawn 1 epic 1 common, darted the epic and the common changed to an epic😂

I’m in zone 4 and personally love being drowned in parasaurolophus.

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You know how hard we live in L3? Common tricera g2, diplocaulus, iguanodon? Can you tell what the best from this common? Nothing. You got 2 allo and para. And about epic spawn there is extremely rare in a mount we can count it by our fingers. So stop complain it just small change.

What’s an Anky?

I was under the impression that scent capsules didn’t affect nest spawns. I was looking for some Einiosaurus as I was trying to get Sarcorixis. I set one off next to a petrol station and got nothing. Maybe I was just unlucky.

Love this.